Thursday, March 8, 2012


Since this PPV is in December, I was feeling generous and decided to give the troops a treat for the holidays

Match 1. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge vs. Morrison  Intercontinental Championship
Another triple threat match for Bryan's title. Most likely he'll retain it again. Can't take anything away from him, Bryan is a fighting champion. Bryan put Edge in the Lebell Lock and made him tap.

Match 2. Mega Stars and Batista vs. Rey and Cosa Nostra
For those of you that don't know, the Mega Stars are Punk and Swagger. Rey was getting beat down by Punk and Swagger early. Chaos is ensuing all over. Punk was taking on Truth outside the ring while Batista and Del Rio were going at it inside. Swagger hit the gutwrench powerbomb on Truth to win.

Match 3. Triple H vs. The Rock
Just a match to fill out the card. DX vs. The Nation was such a good rivalry. Anyone remember when DX dressed up as members of the Nation? Hilarious. Triple H won with the Pedigree.

After the match, Orton, Bourne and Truth were at the top of the ramp. Orton pointed at HHH.

Match 4. Ladder - Red Army vs. The Bullies  Unified Tag Championship
We saw a preview of this match on Smackdown. This time, a ladder was added. Will the Bullies put their past differences behind them and regain the belts? Show was on the ladder a lot, trying to pull the belts down. Miz pulled the belts down on his first try.

Match 5. Taker vs. Show vs. Hall vs. Nash  World Heavyweight Championship
Nash and Hall went after each other right away. It's a standard 4-way, no eliminations. I just realized that Show and Nash pulled double duty this PPV. My bad. Well, good thing they didn't win the tag belts. Scott Hall hit the Outsider's Edge to finally win the title!

After the match, Show threw a temper tantrum outside the ring.

Main Event. Championship Scramble - Cena vs. Orton vs. Austin vs. Del Rio vs. Angle  WWE Title
The first two men were Austin and Del Rio. It's a 10-minute scramble match; 5 is too short. Orton was the next man in. Kurt Angle was the fourth man to enter. The champ is the last name enter. No pinfall was made so Cena retains. I may need to make it a 20-minute match next time.

Recap: The original card was very weird. I think there were 3 triple threat matches. Since Hall is the champ, he will be unveiling a new championship.

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