Thursday, March 8, 2012

December Week 3

This is the last week before the PPV. It is also the last scramble qualifier.

Match 1. Scramble Qualify - Michaels vs. ??? Angle
Who does HBK need to beat in order to get into the scramble match? Cena took a seat with the commentators to scout his competition. His opponent is Kurt Angle! The Olympic gold medalist is on Raw! Out of nowhere, Angle hit the Angle Slam to win. Kurt Angle earned a spot in the scramble.

Match 2. Truth vs. Austin
One half of Cosa Nostra competing here. Austin is giving Truth an ass-whooping, including a mudhole stomping in the corner. Triple H ran down to the ring and hit the Pedigree on Austin. Despite that, Austin hit the Stunner on Truth to win.

Match 3. Batista vs. Del Rio
Here is the other half of Cosa Nostra. I controlled Batista for this match. Del Rio reverses a lot. I hit the Batista Bomb to knock him out. If you don't remember, hitting a finisher ends the match; no pin necessary.

Punk and Swagger were at the top of the ramp. Batista walked up and celebrated with them.

Main Event. Punk vs. Rey
These two had some good matches feuding over the IC Title. I'm growing fond of Rey as a heel. He's surrounding himself with bigger guys for protection. Rey won after his finisher (not the 619).

After the match, Batista came out and pointed at Rey.

Match 1. Rock vs. Harris
I controlled Rocky in this match. I want him in the World Title picture. Harris reversed about 4 of my moves into a backbreaker. He then reversed the Rock Bottom and then hit his finisher. It must have been on legend difficulty.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Morrison
Standard mid-card match that I don't see doing any harm to the rankings. Morrison could be moving up after he beat Taker. Well, that momentum was stopped as Cody hit Cross Rhodes.

Match 3. Red Army vs. The Bullies
Is this a preview to a title match at the PPV? The Bullies were making their way to the ring when Cosa Nostra attacked them from behind. Looks like The Bullies have some enemies. I forgot to change Red Army's attire. Looks like Show and Nash are back on the same page. Clay won with his finisher on Nash.

Main Event. Barrett vs. Hall
Wade is looking to get back into the World Title hunt and Hall is looking to stay at the top. Ever since appearing on Smackdown, Hall has been in the title picture. Barrett hit Wasteland to win.

Recap: Kurt Angle's first match and he defeats the legend, HBK. The scramble match is set - Cena vs. Orton vs. Austin vs. Del Rio vs. Angle.  Punk, Swagger, and Batista...not too shabby. 

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