Thursday, March 8, 2012

December Week 1

Match 1. Scramble Qualify - McIntyre vs. Swagger vs. Orton
This was a really good triple threat match. All three men made it shown that they want in on the scramble match. Drew was working on Orton when he reversed out of a grapple to hit the RKO.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Del Rio
Del Rio is looking to make a name for himself by taking on The Game. Del Rio reversed out of the spinebuster. Rey and R-Truth interfered in the match. Triple H won with the Pedigree.

Match 3. Kane vs. Truth
We saw R-Truth at ringside of the last match, trying to help out his partner. Kane picked up a chair, but Truth took it away. Kane hit the chokeslam outside the ring.

After the match, Cena, Orton and Rey came out of the back. Cena signaled to Kane that he wants his title.

Main Event. Falls Count Anywhere - Cena vs. Batista vs. Punk
Rey attacked Batista from behind as he was heading to the ring. Punk doesn't know what to do. Clay then ran to the ring and attacked Punk and Batista. A chair and sledgehammer were brought into the ring. The best triple threat I've seen. Cena pinned Batista. Punk tried breaking it up with the chair, but he didn't.

After the match, Taker came in the ring to check on Punk.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Harris
I don't care for Husky, but I'm happy Lesnar is back on the card. Harris is pretty mobile despite his size. Rock came out! I haven't seen him in forever. He went after Husky, but Harris hit Brock with his finisher.

Match 2. Ryan vs. Kane
Hopefully this feud is winding down. Mason was heading down the ramp when Kane came out from under the ring and attacked him. Lesnar was shown sitting at ringside and punched Kane. The attack didn't matter as Kane hit the chokeslam to win.

After the match, Kane grabbed a chair, but Lesnar saved Mason.

Match 3. Nash vs. Edge
I'm taking control of Edge for this match. When as Edge ever done a German suplex? Ziggler walked down the ramp with a chair. He wasn't a distraction as I hit Nash with the top-rope spear.

Main Event. Falls Count Anywhere - Taker vs. Show vs. Hall
We're back again with Taker vs. Show, but I don't make the card, I just play it. I am still hoping for some sort of n.W.o reunion, but Hall and Nash already fought. So, I'm thinking Hall and Show could team up. Well, that seems unlikely now as Show cracked Hall over the head with a chair. Taker hit the Last Ride and Tombstone while Hall just stood there. Scott Hall won after hitting Show with the Outsider's Edge.

Recap: Orton becomes the second Superstar to earn a spot in the scramble match. So far it's Cena vs. Austin vs. Orton. Are Cena, Orton and Rey forming a heel faction on Raw? Taker helping Punk on Raw is raising some questions. Will there be a Rock/Brock tag team? Lesnar turned heel.

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