Wednesday, March 21, 2012

May Week 1, Year 2

After a successful PPV with the new rosters, we move on to May. 

Match 1. Bourne and Clay vs. HBK and Christian
I went to edit this but I simulated it. Oops. I do hope I don't see this on the card anymore, though.

Match 2. Rock and Vince vs. Angle and Edge
I am waiting for Vince to turn on Rocky. Angle and Edge attacked Rock and Vince from behind on their way to the ring. Rock tagged in Vince, but he received an Angle Slam. Vince hit the Mac Stunner on Edge. Edge won the match after hitting Rock with a spear.

After the match, Edge and Angle grabbed chairs and beat down their opponents.

Match 3. Foley and Austin vs. Test and Kane
Test started the match off against Foley, keeping him by his corner. Kane was tagged in with Austin as the other legal man. Foley and Stone Cold isolated Kane in their corner for a couple of minutes, but Test was able to come in. The match spilled to the outside. It ended with Foley pinning Test.

Main Event. Bradshaw vs. Shamrock
This is a main event I thought I would never see. Is Bradshaw seeing singles competition? Despite the beating he received, Bradshaw was still in the match. Shamrock reversed the fall away slam. X-Pac ran down to the ring, but left before doing any moves. After a series of kicks and a shoulder tackle, Shamrock picked up the win.

Match 1. Flair vs. Hall
The WCW Champ is kicking off Nitro against one of his rivals. Hall's partner, Nash, was unable to bring more gold to the nWo. Hall hit the fall away slam, but Flair reversed the Outsider's Edge. Hall eventually hit the Outsider's Edge and won the match.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Sheamus
I'm only keeping this match to sim it. Hopefully it won't appear next week.

Match 3. Benoit vs. Hogan
Steiner was shown at ringside holding a ticket. Does he know he has a match next? Both men did their best trying to build up momentum. Benoit locked Hogan in the Crossface, but he broke out. Hogan pinned Benoit outside the ring after hitting his Hulkamania punches.

After the match, Benoit was taken away on a stretcher. 

Main Event. Nash vs. Steiner  #1 Contender's Match
Big Daddy Cool is looking to get back into the title picture after his lost at Extreme Rules. Out of nowhere, Nash hit Steiner with the Jackknife. Bagwell ran down to help his partner. Hall ran down next to even the odds. Nash won after hitting a big boot in the corner.

Recap: I wish I didn't sim that match cause there are Superstars I need to get on Raw. What was X-Pac's motive? You can add Benoit to the injured list.

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