Saturday, March 10, 2012

February Week 1, Year 2

Ok, I'm actually going to let the game play the HBK/Ziggler vs. Gabriel/Edge match. I'm sick of seeing this on my card every week.

Match 1. Ziggler and Michaels vs. Gabriel and Edge
I can't believe I'm actually letting this storyline play out. HBK and Ziggler were making their way to the ring when Edge and Gabriel left the ring and attacked them on the ramp. The match eventually made it to the ring. Edge it the spear on HBK.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Triple H vs. Orton
Clay and Bourne walked down the ramp and HHH hit a crossbody on them. Orton got a garbage can and HHH brought in a ladder. Triple H hit the Pedigree. This is a non-title match. There was also a table, crutch, and a sledgehammer. HHH grabbed the World Title from a fan. Orton reversed the Pedigree and HHH reversed the RKO. Triple H hit two Pedigrees in a row but still didn't go for the pin. Orton hit a reverse Russian leg sweep and then pinned HHH for the win. Wow, what a match!

Match 3. Cena vs. Austin
Two of the best of all time. Can Austin move up in the rankings and challenge Cena? Austin was so dominate in the Rumble match, eliminating 5 Superstars. Austin hit the Stunner on the champ for the victory.

Main Event. Punk vs. Kane vs. Batista  #1 Contender's match
This seems like a rematch from the triple threat steel cage. All three men are in the top 4 to challenge for the WWE Title. Kane brought in a chair and knocked down both opponents. Batista locked Punk in some sort of chicken wing submission to make him tap.

Match 1. Rhodes vs. Miz
Both men lost last week on Smackdown. So, they are trying to turn their fortunes around heading towards Mania. The lights went out and Taker appeared behind Rhodes. Miz won with Skull Crushing Finale.

Match 2. Hall vs. Lesnar
Scott ran to the ring and took down Lesnar before the bell rang. Hall had the advantage and hit Outsider's Edge for the win.

After the match, Hall was about the leave the ring, but he came back and stomped on Lesnar.

Match 3. Barrett vs. Sheamus
This is a rematch from a couple of weeks ago. Sheamus has been on a roll on Smackdown. Wade had a short showing in the Rumble. Sheamus hit Barrett with the Celtic Cross

After the match, Lesnar attacked Sheamus and hit him with the Undisputed Title.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison
The IC Champ is taking it to Morrison. In case you missed it, Taker defeated Bryan for the IC Title, becoming the first man to take the belt off Bryan. Sheamus ran down to the ring, but received a Last Ride from Taker. He got up and hit the Celtic Cross on Taker. He then hit Morrison with the Tombstone.

Recap: HHH and Orton had a better Extreme Rules match than Orton and Kane did for the Hardcore Title. Sheamus must have had some head injury for thinking he could interfere with an Undertaker match.

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