Thursday, March 8, 2012


Not one elimination tag match. Not one. Looks like I have some editing to do.

Match 1. Raw vs. Smackdown Elimination Tag - Punk, Swagger and Batista vs. JoMo, Wade and Booker
Every man got their offense in early. Both teams were working well together. Swagger was the first eliminated (I missed it). Booker was next eliminated from a Batista Bomb. He hit another powerbomb on Barrett. Morrison is the last remaining star from Smackdown. Punk ended the match with the Anaconda Vice.

Match 2. The Bullies vs. Red Army  Unified Tag Team Championship
We saw Nash and Show work as a team last week when they attacked Cosa Nostra. This is was the first time in a long time that we saw that. Nash let Show take most of the beating in the early going. Clay hit Nash with his finisher to get back the belts.

Match 3. Iron Man - Kane vs. Triple H  Hardcore Championship
Yes, the Hardcore Title is the new belt for Raw! It is weird that it's being defended in an iron man match though. Kane hit the Tombstone at 11:28 to score the first point. Kane pinned HHH at 10:06 to go up 2-0. Kane hit the chokeslam 2 minutes later, 3-0 Kane. HHH finally scored at 5:11 with the Pedigree. Kane pinned HHH again at 4:10, 4-1 Kane. HHH hit another Pedigree at 3:44. Kane scored another point 30 seconds later. With 1:30 left, Kane scored his 6th point. Kane is just adding insult to injury as he scored point number 7 with 15 seconds left. Kane won 7-2 to retain.

Match 4. Bryan vs. Ziggler vs. Edge  Intercontinental Championship
The scheduled match was Bryan vs Edge in a last man standing match, but I wanted Ziggler to challenge for the belt. So, I just combined the two. Can Bryan retain the belt at another PPV? Bryan does not need to be pinned to lose the belt. Bryan put Edge in the Lebell Lock to retain.

Match 5. John Cena vs. Kane  WWE Championship
Can Kane have both the WWE and Hardcore titles? Kane was heading to the ring when Christian attacked him from behind. The attack had its effects on Kane as he fell victim to the AA.
Main Event. Inferno - Undertaker vs. Scott Hall  World Heavyweight Championship
Now is this a good thing that Hall is getting a World Title shot or bad because it's an inferno match? Taker was going his darnedest to set The Bad Guy on fire. Hall was so close a couple of times to winning the match. Even after an Outsider's Edge, Taker was able to break away. Taker hit a Last Ride and threw Hall into the fire.

Recap: Are Kane and Undertaker automatically good at Iron Man matches? This was a really good PPV. All the matches were fun to watch. I gotta say, I was pulling for Hall.

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