Sunday, March 11, 2012

February Week 3, Year 2

6 Days until Elimination Chamber.

Match 1. Kane vs. Christian, Vader, and Clay
As strong and dominate Kane is, I don't think he can win this. Kane and Christian started. I wonder what made Vader come back. As if they didn't have a big advantage, Vader grabbed a chair. He hit the Vader Bomb to win.

Match 2. Orton vs. Michaels
The Hardcore Champ showing why he is the champ. It looks like HBK is done with Edge and Gabriel (thank God). These two had some good matches when they were fighting for the US title. HBK won with Sweet Chin Music.

Match 3. Punk vs. Rhino
Rhino took control early, turning Punk inside out with a clothesline. Rhino hit a belly-to-belly. After a full-nelson, he hit Punk with the Gore.

Main Event. Cena vs. Batista
Champ vs. Challenger go at it 6 days before they face at Elimination Chamber. Heel Cena grabbed chair, trying to take out his opponent. Cena sent a message to his opponent by hitting an AA to win.

After the match, Rey came in and threw Batista out. He and Cena then shook hands.

Match 1. Lesnar and Hall vs. Show and Morrison
Lesnar was shown coming out to the ring alone. Is Scott Hall drinking again? No, that was a bad joke. Lesnar could win this match by himself. Show hit a military press slam and pinned Lesnar for the 3-count.

After the match, Hall was checking on Lesnar. Morrison and Show grabbed chairs and hit both men.

Match 2. Road Dogg vs. Ziggler 
We saw Road Dogg as the #30 entrant in the Rumble. He makes his first appearance on Smackdown. Road Dogg was hitting some offense, but Dolph but him in a rear-naked choke. He had no choice but to tap.

Match 3. Booker vs. Miz
Booker was trying his best to put Miz on a two-match losing streak. He hit Miz with the super kick. Booker threw Miz into the steps. Booker knocked Miz out in from of the announcer's table.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge Morrison
Edge came out and decided not to compete in the match. Instead, Morrison came out. Taker was not ready to face JoMo. Morrison won with

After the match, Lesnar and Edge stomped on Taker. Edge grabbed a chair, but Punk and Kane came out to make the save.

Recap: Nothing newsworthy to report on this week. I will be rolling out some changes in the next week or two.

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