Friday, March 9, 2012


All 5 Titles will be on the line this PPV. Like I said, there are a few surprise entrants for the Rumble Match. The Road to WrestleMania begins now!

Match 1. Falls Count Anywhere - Bryan vs. Taker  Interncontinental Championship
I know I've said that the triple threat matches were Bryan's biggest challenge, but this may be his biggest challenge in trying to retain the title. If Bryan retains here, he will have officially been champ for a full year. After a brawl, Taker headbutted Bryan in the back of the head and pinned him. Undertaker defeats Daniel Bryan to win the IC Title! If anyone was going to beat Bryan, it would be The Deadman

Match 2. Kane vs. Orton  Hardcore Championship
The last match was a classic. Can this match top it? For being for the Hardcore Title, this is a pretty tame match. Orton hit a neckbreaker, then stomped all over Kane's body and finally hit the RKO to win. This was not the most exciting match ever. 2 title changes in 2 matches.

Match 3. Red Army vs. Latino Heartbreak  Unified Tag Championship
We've seen two teams cross paths in the past. Now, it's time to settle the score. Miz and HBK started the match and they went back and forth, countering each other's moves. Eddie and Clay eventually got in the match for a short period of time. Clay hit his finisher on HBK to retain.

Match 4. Ladder - Cena vs. Batista  WWE Championship
Batista won the #1 contendership last Raw. Kane was the original contender, but somehow he was forced to defend it in a triple threat cage match. A ladder was quickly brought into the ring. Batista tried to pull down the belt but Cena pushed the ladder. Both men were on the ladder. Cena hit a sunset flip and climbed back up. He pulled the title down to retain.

Match 5. TLC - Hall vs. Morrison  "WCW" painted World Championship
I don't think I could have seen this match coming. Morrison was put through a table seconds into the match. Hall made an attempt early, but he knew he had to weaken JoMo some more. Both men were on the ladder. Morrison went to toss Hall off, but Hall flipped Morrison over his back then pulled the belt down to retain.

Main Event. 30-man Royal Rumble Match
The first two competitors were Benoit and Bradshaw. Two of my surprise entrants starting it off. Oh, this is long, black hair Bradshaw, not JBL. Number 3 is Kurt Angle. Benoit and Bradshaw battled back and forth on the ropes. Bret Hart was #4. The Hitman went right after Bradshaw, then eliminated Angle. Brock Lesnar came out at #5. Hart eliminated Benoit. The number 6 entrant was Booker. Booker took out Brock. Macho Man came out at #7. Booker and Bradshaw tried to eliminate Bret, but to no avail. X-Pac was number 8. He ran down to the ring. Bradshaw was eliminated by Savage. Number 9 was Ric Flair. He went after X-Pac. Farooq came out at #10. He just missed his partner. Booker was eliminated by Macho Man. Flair was almost eliminated by X-Pac. Macho Man took out Bret Hart.

Ultimo Dragon entered at #11. Sting was number 12. There are now 6 men in the ring. This Rumble match is already better than last year's. So many surprises already, but there are more to come. Farooq hit the Dominator on Savage. Flair and Sting took out X-Pac. Savage eliminated Farooq. Number 13 was Buff Bagwell. Sting eliminated Flair. Diamond Dallas Page was number 14. DDP is here! The ring is filled with WCW Superstars, but why? The 15th entrant was Al Snow. What does everybody want?! The leader of the J.O.B Squad goes after Bagwell. Sting eliminated Ultimo. DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on Snow. Goldberg was #16. Who's Next? DDP and Savage eliminated Al Snow. Savage was finally eliminated by Sting. Test was entrant #17. Sting and Bagwell eliminated DDP. Test went right after Sting. Goldberg took out Buff. Wade Barrett entered at #18. Test did eliminate Sting. Number 19 was Stone Cold. Stone Cold eliminated Wade. The Rock was #20. Austin and Rock went at it near the ropes.

Rey Mysterio was number 21. Austin almost took out Goldberg. Kofi Kingston came out at #22. The ring is filled with 6 Superstars. That didn't last long as Test eliminated Goldberg. Austin eliminated Rock and Test in quick succession. Big Sexy was #23. Nash slowly made his way to the ring. Austin made a couple of attempts to eliminate Kofi. He succeeded on try #3. Edge was #24. Austin eliminated him soon after he entered. McIntyre was entrant #25. Austin is up to 5 eliminations. Drew eliminated Rey. Number 26 was Ziggler. Three surprise entrants still remain. Nash eliminated Drew. Christian entered at #27. Nash hit Austin with the Jackknife. Number 28 was Chris Jericho. Jericho is here to save us! Number 29 was Billy Gunn. Mr. Ass is back in the WWE. Austin hit Jericho with a stunner. Nash eliminated Christian. Austin was finalyl eliminated by Gunn. Road Dogg was #30. Oh, you didn't know? The New Age Outlaws are back together once again. Is it for one night only? Dogg and Nash eliminated Ziggler. Mr. Ass eliminated Jericho. The final three are Nash, Gunn, and Dogg. Nash hit the D-O-double G with the Jackknife. Nash eliminated Dogg. Gunn and Nash remain. Kevin Nash is going to WrestleMania!

Stat: Austin and Nash had 5 eliminations.

Recap: The two top champs retained their belts, while the secondary champs lost theirs. What an awesome Rumble match! I'm not too crazy on Nash winning, but the surprise entrants made it very interesting. What's going to happen as we head closer to Mania?

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