Thursday, March 22, 2012

May Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Battle Royal - Show vs. Lawler vs. Godfather vs. Snow vs. HHH vs. HBK
I predict Michaels will win. Depending on the winner, I may use them as a future contender for Test's IC Title. Godfather was eliminated by HBK. Show kicked HBK out of the match. Al Snow tossed Lawler out of the match next. Show tossed HHH out right after. Snow and Show remain. Show won by last eliminated Al Snow. 

Match 2. Rock and Vince vs. Angle and Edge
Before the match started, Rock was shown heading to the ring alone. Is this the beginning of Vince's turn? After a few German suplexes and a double team move, Angle pinned Rock.

After the match, Vince ran down and checked on Rocky.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Kane
This is the first meeting between these two and it should be a good one. Each man was trying to gain the upper hand by using their strength to hurt the other. Taker hit Kane with a Tombstone but Kane got right back up. Taker pinned Kane after hitting him with a headbutt.

Main Event. Austin vs. Test vs. ??? Goldust
Austin was making his way to the ring when Test attacked him from behind. The mystery man was Goldust. Goldust is back! Test injured Goldust in their IC Title match at Extreme Rules. Test is trying his best to re-injure Goldust. However, Goldust wins by knocking out Test with the Final Cut.

After the match, Test throws a fit by the announcers and knocks out Cole.

Match 1. Goldberg vs. Hogan
Nitro definitely knows how to book a card. Having a possible World Title main event start the show is amazing. Hogan hit Goldberg with the same piledriver that injured Benoit's neck, but Goldberg kept going. Goldberg hit a neckbreaker and some elbows to the neck of Hogan before pinning him for the win.

After the match, Hogan was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 2. Anderson, Malenko, and Sting vs. Luger, Jericho and Jarrett
Anderson and Jericho kicked things off. Malenko then came in and got the upper hand over Jericho. Jarrett was able relieve Jericho and tag himself in. Luger had Anderson in the Torture Rack but he escaped. Sting hit Jericho with the Scorpion Death Drop. The second half of the match featured Sting and Luger as the two main guys. Luger made Sting tap from the Torture Rack.

Match 3. Steamboat vs. Scott Hall
Billy Gunn attacked Hall from behind as he was heading to the ring. Despite the attack, Hall was back on his feet. I thought the NAO vs. nWo rivalry Steamboat was proving to Hall and the rest of Nitro why he is the US Champ. Hall hit a backbreaker and an elbow drop after hitting the Outsider's Edge earlier to win.

After the match, Gunn attacked Hall with his Tag Title and left him in the middle of the ring.

Main Event. Flair vs. Nash vs. ??? Benoit
Could Benoit be returning tonight? As Nash was heading to the ring, Billy Gunn attacked him, too. Benoit is the third man! As big as Gunn is, he wasn't able to keep Nash down. Benoit was close to making Nash tap, but Flair broke it up. Nash hit a Jackknife if Benoit and pinned him.

After the match, an EMT checked on Benoit, who was laying face down.

Recap: Although returning in the main event, Goldust is still listed as injured. Looks like Hogan got a taste of his own medicine. Mr. Ass has single handedly attacked the WCW Tag Champs in one night. Benoit is injured again despite competing tonight.

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