Monday, March 12, 2012


The final PPV before a whole new Universe mode. The card was atrocious. I had to fix all but one match.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Red Army vs. APA  Unified Tag Team Championship
Clay was giving Farooq a beating like never before. Despite being an Extreme Rules match, only 2 weapons were used so far. Both members of Red Army pinned the APA to retain.

Match 2. Orton vs. Bourne  Hardcore Championship
Former teammates fighting over the Hardcore Title. Orton retained his title after hitting the hanging DDT from the second rope.

Match 3. 4-way - Jericho vs. Michaels vs. Benoit vs. Triple H
Four of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. Each man was taking on the other three. No teams were formed. Jericho won by hitting Benoit with the Codebreaker.
Match 4. Taker vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Championship
I accidently simulated the match. Taker won. I wanted Sheamus's US Title to be on the line as well.
Match 5. Two out of three falls - Taker vs. Hall vs. Show  World Heavyweight Championship
This is the first time I'm trying a 2 out of 3 falls match. Let's see how this goes. The first name to get 2 falls wins the World Title. Taker got the first fall by hitting Show with the Tombstone. Show scored a point after the Knockout Punch. Taker retained his title after another Tombstone to Show.

After the match, Show low blowed Taker after faking a knee injury.

Main Event. Iron Man - Clay vs. Nash  WWE Championship
Looks like Nash chose to cash his Rumble Victory on Raw's champion. 5 minutes in and no one scored. Nash scored the first fall with 9:04 left after a Jackknife. Clay scored one soon after. Nash pinned Clay with 6:45 left to go up 2-1. Nash scored another point at 5:21. Clay scored his second with 3:31 left. Nash pinned Brodus with 2:18 left, 4-2. Clay hit his finisher to score another point. Nash hit another Jackknife with 45 seconds left. It's seems all but over now. Clay pinned Nash with 18 seconds left, 5-4. Nash is the new champion.

After the match, Clay and Nash shook hands out of respect.

Recap: With the edited card, this was a pretty good WrestleMania.

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