Wednesday, March 7, 2012

October Week 4

Match 1. 6-man Tag - DX and Austin vs. Orton, Drew, and Christian
HBK needed some help to get revenge on Orton. Christian has on his black tights with teal and gold details. Orton is wearing his blue attire that he wore during his days with Evolution. HHH and HBK have their black and green DX attire. Michaels was the only one from his team to fight and he won with the Sweet Chin Music.

Match 2. Orton vs. Christian
After their loss, Orton and Christian decided to have their own match. I chose to have Riley cash in his Money in the Bank on Orton after his loss to Christian. I'm interested to see if the US Title will go to Smackdown.

Match 3. Orton vs. Riley  United States Championship
Even though he already had a match, Orton was still going strong. Riley got the better of the champ and is the new US Champion! What is Raw's secondary title going to be?

Match 4. Punk vs. Clay
I'm still in shock that the US Title is now on Smackdown. I did find a replacement belt for Raw. Punk was dominating Clay. The ref was knocked down for a little. However, Clay came back and won with his finisher.

Main Event. Kane vs. Ryan
These two were partners at one point. Both men are matched up in skills. Kane was fed up and hit the chokeslam to win.

After the match Cena, Clay and one other person (it happened to quickly) came out and pointed at Kane.


Match 1. Booker vs. Ziggler
A standard match with possible IC Title implications. I could defend both the IC and US titles, but the only thing is that Universe wouldn't keep track of the US Title contenders. Booker won with the shuffle kick.

Match 2. Nash vs. Show and Morrison
Another team on the verge of breaking up. However, they are the tag champs so it may take a little longer. I am hoping they will lose the tag titles at the next PPV. Mid-match, Henry came out and Show wanted to team up. However, Henry beat him down. Nash hit the Jackknife on JoMo to win.

Match 3. Miz vs. Edge
This match is a continuation from the triple threat at Bragging Rights. Edge went for the spear off of the top rope but Miz moved out of the way. He then hit Skull Crushing Finale to win.

Main Event. Bryan vs. Hall DiBiase
Scott Hall was making his way to the ring, but he brought out DiBiase as his replacement. The Bad Guy is avoiding Bryan this week. We're going into Survivor Series and Bryan will most likely be going into that PPV still the IC Champion. Just amazing. DiBiase beat the champ with Dream Street.

After the match, DiBiase continued his beatdown on Bryan.

Recap: I already have some ideas for the changes I could make after WrestleMania. New rosters, new titles, new rivalries. It's gonna be great. In all honesty, I forgot Riley was on Smackdown, but I rolled with it anyway.

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