Thursday, March 1, 2012

September Week 3

Match 1. Orton vs. Christian
Christian put on brass knuckles before the match and hit Orton. Randy was able to recover and continue on with the match. Orton went for the RKO but Christian broke free and hit the Killswitch.

After the match, Orton went to leave the ring but Christian stopped him. He put Orton's head against the steel post and kicked it.

Match 2. Batista vs. Kane
A rematch from 2 week ago. With the PPV this Sunday, Kane is keeping fit by taking on a former champ. Rey ran down to the ring and went after Batista. Kane hit the chokeslam outside the ring.

Match 3. Punk vs. Clay
Clay is slowly getting on my nerves. He's not a contender to either title, yet he always appears on the card. Punk hit the GTS to win.

Main Event. Riley and DX vs. Truth, Del Rio, and Cena
After what happened last week, DX needed to extract some revenge on Truth. This may possibly be the first 6-man tag in my Universe. A good match that had everyone involved. Michaels won with the Sweet Chin Music.


Match 1. Big Show and Sheamus vs. McIntyre and Kidd
After weeks of taking on Show, Sheamus is teaming with him because his two "friends" turned on him. Show and Sheamus were making their way down the ramp when Drew and Kidd left the ring and attacked them. The match never made it to the ring as Show hit his knockout punch on Drew to win.

After the match, they raised each other's arms and celebrated.

Match 2. Lesnar w/ Bryan vs. Scott Hall w/ DiBiase
That's correct. The Bad Guy is on Smackdown! But what beef does he have with Lesnar or Bryan? Both managers are doing their best to distract the other wrestler. Hall hit his signature fall away slam. Then he hit the Outsider's Edge to win his first match.

Match 3. Miz vs. Morrison
Looks like Morrison has some confidence back after his victory over Booker. Miz has lost some fire, too. He was once close to becoming a contender to the World Title, but he never made it over that hump. Miz won with Skull Crushing Finale.

Main Event. Nash vs. Edge
I really got nothing to say right here. I do hope that Hall and Nash end up as a team somewhere down the line. Nash was going for the Jackknife but Edge reversed it. Nash broke out of Edge's hold pinned him to win.

Recap: I like the Orton/Christian feud, a lot. Is Rey looking to team with Kane or just feud with Batista? With Scott Hall appearing on Smackdown for the first time, will be end up teaming with Nash or feuding with him? This week provided so many questions. Show and Sheamus are now a team. Hall and DiBiase are now a team, as well.

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