Monday, February 27, 2012

July Week 2

I changed Starrcade back to Superstars, then changed it to ECW. Oh, Raw has another awesome card this week.

Match 1. Eddie and Mason w/ McGillicutty vs. HHH and ??
A huge remarkable match. Rhodes is The Game's partner. I don't know how I feel now with all the cross-brand appearances. It makes things interesting, but takes up space for those Superstars on that show. After the beatdown on Rhodes, Eddie hit the brainbuster on HHH.

Match 2. Batista vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Barrett
This 4-way is a remarkable match featuring a Smackdown Superstar. Christian was once aligned with Edge and Barrett. The WWE Champ has his hands full in this match. Captain Charisma won by hitting the Killswitch on the champ.

Match 3. Slater vs. Riley
The third remarkable match this week! But why is Slater on Raw when I cut him? I guess I'll let this play out to see what happens. During the match, Gabriel (another man I cut) interfered and betrayed Slater. Riley wins, hopefully taking Slater off Raw for good.

After the match, Riley and Slater shook hands.

Main Event. Cena vs. Kane  #1 Contender's match
Winner will most likely face Batista at Money in the Bank. It's been week after week with this Cena/Punk/Kane triangle heading into the PPV. Punk ran down to the ring and went after Cena. Despite that, Cena hit the AA on Kane.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan vs. Harris
This has been brewing for a couple of weeks. Here is the remarkable match. As Rock made his way to the ring, Harris beat him down. For a quick moment, Rock and Bryan double teamed Harris. Husky landed his finisher on Bryan to win.

Match 2. Miz and Clay vs. Nash and Show  #1 Contender's match
With the Road Warriors out of the picture, it's time for some new teams to challenge Demolition. The match was mostly Show vs. Miz. Nash and Clay hit their finishers on each other, but no pin attempt was made. After a long match, Miz pinned Show.

Match 3. Booker vs. DiBiase
First Miz and now Booker, DiBiase is trying to make a name for himself by taking on these top guys. I wonder if we'll see Bryan vs. Ted for the IC Title soon. Daniel did interfere and helped DiBiase. After receiving a Lebell Lock, Booker received Dream Street.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison  #1 Contender's match
Damn, Morrison has a chance to really step up here. JoMo was really in control against The Deadman. However, Taker's experience led him to putting the Tombstone on Morrison. It'll be Taker and Show in the fourth straight PPV.

After the match, Daniel Bryan came in and raised Taker's arm.

Recap: I don't get why Superstars who I made free agents are appearing on the card. It makes no sense. For those who care, Slater is a face...Nothing notable for Smackdown.

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