Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is it. The granddaddy of them all! It's WrestleMania. After this, I will be adjusting the rosters a little bit by moving some Superstars and letting others go before the draft events. This is how a PPV card should be - all 5 titles on the line. I love it!

Predicitons: Sheamus, Edge, LOD, Michaels (I'm controlling him), Cena, and Taker

Match 1. Bryan vs. Sheamus for the IC Title
A good match to kick off 'Mania with. It's weird that this match is the Smackdown main event for 'Mania in real life. It was a great back and forth match and the crowd was into it. Bryan "hulked" himself up and put Sheamus in the Lebell lock to retain.

Match 2. Battle Royal - Miz vs. Edge vs. Rock vs. Show
This Smackdown battle royal features 4 top contenders for the World Title. Miz was out 30 seconds into the match. The Rock was eliminated next. After a few attempts, Big Show tossed out Edge to win. I'm 0-2 with my predictions.

Match 3. Legion of Doom vs. Demolition for the Tag Titles
I haven't seen LOD in action in about a month, but we they do fight it's for their tag belts. Both teams made frequent tags early. This match made me realize that I hate tag matches in Universe mode. Smash had Hawk in a single-leg Boston crab and won the match. I'm now 0-3...

Match 4. Foley vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Otunga for the US Title
Short and easy match.  Foley was annoying as he reversed a lot. I grabbed a chair for help then hit Sweet Chin Music on Otunga. WOO 1-3!

Match 5. Cena vs. Kane for the WWE Title
A cut scene showed Kane running to the ring and attacking Cena before the match began. The match was about a minute long. Kane hit the tombstone and pinned Cena to retain. I am never predicting a PPV again. 1-4.

After the match, Edge and Lesnar celebrated with Kane.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Del Rio vs. Undertaker for the World Title
A Raw wrestler challenging for the Smackdown belt. Both men hit big moves early, trying to end the match. Del Rio reversed the Last Ride, but Taker tried and succeeded a second time. After a Tombstone, Del Rio was up at 6. Taker finally succeeded after another Tombstone.

After the match, Kane hit Taker with his belt just like he did to last on Smackdown.

Recap: This WrestleMania had some pretty entertaining matches. I liked the booking and I'm happy Del Rio didn't win the World Title. Now it's time for some roster moves before the draft.

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