Friday, February 24, 2012

June Week 1

I checked the rankings and Raw is messed up. Orton and Edge are ranked 17th and 21st respectively. The "teens" are filled with mid-carders. I gotta fix this.

Match 1. Last Man Standing - Kane vs. Savage.
The rivalry continues. More Macho Man! A Last Man Standing match? Wow, these two really kick it up a notch on Raw. Savage is hoping to continue is winning streak and move up on Raw. But, Kane won. I noticed that the ref breezed through 1-5 and slowed down from 6-10, like he was encouraging Savage to get up.

After the match, Kane extended his hand but Macho slapped it away.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Ryan
I don't know how small I have to make the rosters in order to get Swagger a shot at a little. Ryan reversed a powerbomb then hit his finisher in a match that included 2 broken chairs.

Match 3. Cena vs. Punk
I lost count of how many times these two faced. I think one of these two need to switch shows, just to keep things fresh. After two chair shots to the head, Cena received the GTS.

Main Event. Michaels vs. Austin
The leaders of the Attitude Era main event Raw, I love it. Heel Austin vs. face Michaels, not exactly WM 14, but close. Michaels was stomping a mudhole in Austin when he pulls out the stunner from nowhere to win.


Match 1. Eddie vs. Regal
A remarkable match, so why change it? Randy Orton will get involved somehow, I just know it. Like I predicted, Orton sat next to the announcer's before the match started. After a reversal of the brainbuster, Regal hit a back fisherman's suplex to win.

After the match, Orton came in the ring and threw Eddie out. They then shook hands and celebrated. I'm guess they're a team now, too...

Match 2. Show vs. Otunga
See above, but I do hate Otunga. Before the match, Harris was at ringside and knocked David out. Show dominated Otunga from corner to corner. He ended it with the Showstopper.

After the match, Husky Harris came back to the ring and took out both men.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Bryan
This could be an entertaining match. Rhodes is starting to grow on me...and that's scary. I just wish I could get rid of that face mask he wears. Midway through the match the lights went purple and Undertaker appeared! Cody hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Main Event. Miz vs. Taker vs. Gabriel  #1 Contender's match
I'll be controlling Gabriel just to make sure he doesn't win. Unlike the last triple threat, Miz was in control this time. Miz vs. Show for the title? Not a bad match, not bad at all. But that won't happen as Taker Tombstoned Miz to be the #1 contender...again.

Recap: Nothing really exciting for Raw as far as "news" but I'm liking that Savage his on the card every week. I bought him for a reason! For a second I thought Orton and Regal would be a team, but it's not in the news...yet. The Undertaker cut scene was the first time I saw it. It was pretty cool.

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