Saturday, February 18, 2012

January Week 3

Match 1. Kane vs. Rey, Eddie, and Cody
Before the match, Eddie and Rey were disputing who should start the match...Rey won that battle. Kane and Rey were battling when a cut scene showed Eddie turning on Rey and walked out. Kane hit a sidewalk slam soon after and scored the pinfall.

After the match, Cody and Rey were arguing.  Cody was fed up and walked away.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Triple H
The Game used his strength to land a few powerful moves early. Every time Swagger tried to hit a move, HHH reversed it. HBK interfered and hit the Sweet Chin Music on HHH. Swagger began on offense. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. The Game took back control.  With a few punches he won the match.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Husky Harris
Punk and Harris exchanged high-power moves right out of the gate. Punk stabilized his offense on Harris. Husky woke up and landed a couple of big moves, but Punk got right back in control. Cena interfered in the match and hit the AA on Punk. Despite that, Punk hit the GTS for the win.

Main Event. Foley vs. Stone Cold
Foley was in control at the bell, but Austin was able to come back. He never let up as he landed a piledriver and a couple of suplexes. Stone Cold's focus was on Foley head/neck area. Austin hit the stunner and that was it for Foley.

Austin was calling for some beer after the match when HHH attacked him with a lead pipe from behind.


Match 1. Batista and Edge vs. Miz and Brodus
A cut scene before the match shown Batista walking to the ring without Edge; turning this match into a handicap match. Miz and Batista went back and forth, trying to build momentum. Miz tagged in Clay and began attacking Batista. Clay was now on the offensive, putting a hurt on Batista. He tagged in Miz who clotheslined Batista and scored the pin.

After the match, Edge ran to the ring to check on Batista. He called for the EMTs.

Match 2. McIntyre vs. Undertaker
Both men were reversing each other's attacks for most of the match. Neither Superstar was able to pull off a combination. Big Show ran to the ring and waited for his opportunity to attack Drew. When he did, he landed the big right hand. Drew and Taker each had their finishers reversed, but Taker was able to hit the Tombstone. 1.2.3

Match 3. Lesnar vs. Christian
Captain Charisma was in control during the early going. The match spilled to the outside where Lesnar took control and brought Christian back into the ring. But Christian was back on the offensive. Brock used his strength to bring him back and land the F5 for the win.

Main Event. Ezekiel vs. Bryan
I usually don't like who the AI puts in the matches, but this is a weird main event.  Anyway, Daniel Bryan landed some punches and a suplex to start off. Zeke hit a couple of moves, but nothing to take Bryan off his game. After some huge kicks, Bryan got Zeke in the Labell lock and made him tap.

After the match, Sheamus came out and did the "discount double check" towards Bryan.

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