Friday, February 24, 2012

May Week 4

I released Legion of Doom since they lost, plus I have an abundance of tag teams. I also released Zack Ryder and turned Clay face because Raw had too many heels.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Kane vs. Savage
A remarkable match. Hopefully this leads to a rivalry and Savage featured more on Raw. The Macho Man was able to make the most of this opportunity as he reversed many of Kane's moves. Many weapons were used such as a crutch, kendo stick, chair, and a ladder. Savage was destroying Kane with the ladder. Savage won with the elbow drop.

Match 2. Miz and Clay vs. Gabriel and Slater
I'm going to control Miz to make sure the other two drop on Smackdown. I put constant pressure on Gabriel. He never saw this beating coming. The Mic Check finally put him out of his misery.

Match 3. HHH vs. Cena
Since The Game is now a face, maybe Cena will challenge him along with Punk in the upcoming months. Hopefully, HHH will win so he moves up drastically. Super Cena was too much for The Game as he fell victim to the AA.

Main Event. Ladder - Del Rio vs. Batista
I have no idea why these two are fighting let alone in a ladder match. As Batista was making his way to the ring, Edge attacking him from behind. During the match, Clay entered the ring and did nothing. Both men were fighting on the ladder when Del Rio knocked Batista off and retrieved the suitcase.


Match 1. Orton vs. Eddie
A remarkable match. Eddie was on his way to the ring when Regal came out from under it and took him out. This is where the events from last week come to fruition apparently. Orton won with the RKO outside the ring.

After the match, Regal and Orton attacked Eddie with a chair.

Match 2. Otunga vs. Show
Another remarkable match that's branching from what happened at the end of Judgment Day. But why Otunga? He's not even at mid-card status. I can sense some interference from McGillicutty. David was being a little pest, so Show knocked him out with his right hand to win. No McGillicutty this week.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Henry
I'll be controlling Henry since Rhodes is 5 and Henry is 10. Well, that was a failure. I tried for the World's Strongest Slam but he reversed it and hit me with Cross Rhodes. Veteran is haaaard.

Main Event. Nash vs. Bryan
Nash is number 3 while Daniel is 6th.  It's a tough call, but I'll let the AI play this one. Bryan was holding his own in the ring with Big Sexy. DiBiase interfered and hit Dream Street on Bryan. However, Nash was stupid on got caught in the Lebell Lock.

Recap: The change to make the AI play on veteran was a good move. They aren't just standing there now. Just a thought: if I'm going to control a Superstar, maybe I should lower the difficulty. Well, because of my inability to play on legend, Rhodes is now ranked number four.

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