Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Six matches, 4 titles on the line. An amazing card! Oh, Taker is challenging for the championship. You'll see why.

Match 1. Ladder - Booker vs. Lesnar vs. Henry vs. Kidd
This match is just to get more Superstars on the card. As soon as the bell rang, two ladders were brought into the ring. Kidd was close to winning a couple of times early. Show interfered in the match and went after Henry. After many attempts, Lesnar pulled down the briefcase to win.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Wade  Intercontinental Title
This may be Daniel's biggest risk of losing the belt. He doesn't need to be pinned to lose. Sheamus and Barrett were going after each other most of the time. Out of nowhere, Bryan made Sheamus tap and retained the IC Title for another month.

Match 3. Battle Royal - Miz vs. Nash vs. Rhodes vs. DiBiase
Another match to get more guys on the PPV. Cody was the first one eliminated. Miz was out next. Nash finally eliminated DiBiase to win.

Match 4. Iron Man - Michaels vs. Orton  United States Championship
This could be an amazing match. My previous Iron Man matches were all 5-star quality. With 4 minutes left, Orton was leading 4-1. My apologies for not keeping up with the score. 2 minutes left and Michaels scored his second point. Orton hit an RKO with 1:15 left to seal the deal and become the new US Champ. Orton was in control for pretty much the whole match.

Match 5. Scramble - Edge vs. Show vs. Taker vs. Harris vs. Morrison  World Heavyweight Championship
The champion taking on the top 4 contenders. From my experience with scrambles, the champ always retains. Edge and Harris started the match. Morrison was third. The champ came out next. Finally, Taker came out with 2 minutes left in the match. Like I said, the title never changes hands in my scramble matches. Show retains.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Cena vs. Punk  WWE Championship
As Punk was making his way to the ring, Clay attacked him from behind. Cena and Punk pulled out all the stops for this match. Punk couldn't respond to the 10-count and Cena retained.

After the match, Cena grabbed a chair and starting hitting Punk with it.

Recap: I'm beginning to feel that I don't want Bryan to lose the belt. I have to fix the scramble settings. 5 minutes is not enough time. I will be changing the PPV cards for future reference. I don't care for the randoms matches as much.

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