Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Match 1. Elimination Chamber - Edge vs. Miz vs. Rock vs. Taker vs. Bryan vs. Smash for the World Title
So two things: 1) Looks like Edge being carted off on a stretcher meant nothing. 2) The #1 conterder's match was a waste of time. Edge and Miz started the match. Byran entered next. Taker was fourth. Smash was next, which makes Rocky the last entrant. All six men were in before an elimination was made. Miz was the first to leave, then Edge.  Bryan was the third to go. Smash was out next, thank God! Taker hit the Tombstone on Rock to win the belt.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Steamboat vs. R-Truth
Um, what? All three men got in some offense. Surprisingly, Steamboat was in control for the first half. HHH went for the Pedigree but Rocky broke it up. He went for it a second time, but Truth reversed it and hit his finisher on The Game.

Match 3. Swagger vs. Ryan
A good mid-card match.  I'm a little surprised that the top two titles are the only ones defended tonight. Ryan grabbed a kendo stick and beat Jack with it. After four more hits, Ryan went for his finisher but it was reversed. Swagger picked up a sledgehammer. Ryan won after a couple of elbows to the neck.

Match 4. Battle Royal - Show vs. Lesnar vs. Kidd vs. Regal
Another weird match for the PPV. But battle royals tend to go quick, so that's a plus. Kidd was the first one out. Regal was almost out twice. Ok, maybe battle royals don't finish quickly. Regal is finally out. After two Showstoppers, Big Show won.

Match 5. Goldust vs. Del Rio
This is what the Rumble winner gets? Before the match, Rhodes attacked Del Rio. Goldust dominated most of the match. Goldust hit Shattered Dreams and then went for Final Cut but Alberto reversed. he then locked in the armbar to make Goldust tap. Let the road to WrestleMania begin for Del Rio.

After the match, Rey attacked Alberto with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Elimination Chamber - Cena vs. Punk vs. Nash vs. Kane vs. Foley vs. Harris for WWE Title
I don't know if I like this version better than Smackdown's or not. Cena and Kane started the match. Harris was in next and then Foley. Nash was the fifth participant, leaving Punk to come out last. All six men were in the ring, just like Smackdown's version. I'm hoping Harris or Foley doesn't win the match. Cena hit the AA on Punk and eliminated him. Soon after, Nash was pinned. Kane pinned Foley after a tombstone and then Harris after a back body drop. The last two were Cena and Kane. Cena hit the AA on Kane but didn't go for the pin. That cost him as Kane hit the chokeslam to win the WWE Title.

Recap: Both chamber matches were pretty good. I liked the fact all six men were in at once. I don't like these random matches the AI is booking on PPVs. Hopefully 'Mania is better.

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