Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Week 3

I'm not going to include the times of the matches.  Not necessary.

Match 1. Kane and Mason Ryan vs. Cena and ???
A VERY odd pairing to say the least.  Cena's partner was Husky Harris...yeah, that makes sense. Maybe Cena will join "Nexus". This was more like a handicap match as Ryan never entered the match. There was no need to as Kane reversed the AA and hit the Tombstone on Cena.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Del Rio
I don't remember when Swagger became a face, but Raw has very little good guys now that Cena turned. A good back and forth match that Swagger won with the gut wrench powerbomb. Oh yeah, R-Truth came to the ring with a chair again, but did nothing.

Match 3. HBK vs. Stone Cold
One of the greatest rivalries in the 90s, let's see how it plays out here. Austin jumped off the top rope with an ax handle is not something you'll see everyday. After a crotch-chop taunt, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.

Main Event. Foley vs. Nash
A TNA-like main event with 2 legends going at it. Foley continued his aggressive style this week. This is why Foley is the US champ and in contention for the WWE title. Nash reversed Mr. Socko and hit the Jackknife to win.

Triple H came down after the match and tossed Foley out of the ring. He then celebrated with Nash.


Match 1. Lesnar vs. Eddie
Rematch of No Way Out 2004. A decent back and forth match with tons of reversals. Eddie hit the Three Amigos and then the brainbuster, which is apparently his finisher, for the win.

Match 2. Smash vs. Tyson Kidd
What?  Why is this match happening? This may be Smash's way to get revenge on the Hart Foundation... Smash dominated for most of the fight. After a couple of near falls, Smash finally wins.

Match 3. Edge and Batista vs. Rock and ???
The Rock's partner is Daniel Bryan...another odd partnership thanks to WWE Universe. Rock tagged in Bryan and he locked in the Labell Lock for the win. I wish all tag matches were that quick.

Main Event. Miz vs. Undertaker to be the #1 contender
Since Edge is injured, what is going to happen? Much like the triple threat match last week, Miz wasn't getting in much offense. The ref got knocked down, but it doesn't matter cause I don't have any rules in my universe. He got up in time to see the Last Ride and Tombstone on Miz.

After the match, Show and Bryan were standing at the top of the ramp.  They welcomed Taker with open arms.

Recap: Seeing Foley on the card each week has put the idea of trimming the rosters a little bit. Raw is at 25 and Smackdown is at 28; it's a little high. I'll see after the Elimination Chamber. Mason Ryan has joined the team of Kane and Big Show. Rock and Bryan are now a team. There are now 12 different teams in my Universe. I may have to break a couple up.

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