Thursday, February 23, 2012

May Week 3

Match 1. Punk vs. Cena
Another remarkable match between these two. There needs to be a payoff soon or I'm gonna lose my mind. Cena was in control for the whole match. He hit the AA. Now he turns his focus to Batista at the PPV.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Clay
Wow, Raw is short on faces when Swagger is one of them. I just want to see him and Punk do some damage. That's it! Next week sometime it'll be Swagger and Punk (Straight Edge Americans) vs. Miz and Clay. Oh, Clay won with his finisher.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Ryan
Feud idea - HBK vs. The Game. I know I tried once before, but now I got to keep up on it. Triple H hasn't been on Raw in a while and Ryan's been on too much. R-Truth ran to the ring and attacked HBK. Ryan then hit his Rock Bottom-like finisher to win.

Main Event. Savage vs. Kane
I want the Macho Man to appear on Raw, so why not have him face a former champion? Hopefully he wins so he'll appear on Raw more often. Savage is doing pretty well. First match, first win. Macho landed his patented elbow drop to win.

After the match, Kane threw a pissy fit at the announcer's table.


Match 1. Rhodes vs. Truth and Del Rio
A Raw vs. Smackdown remarkable match. The Rock came out with an injury. His replacement is Cody Rhodes; another man who I don't want pushed. Ugh, after all my praise for Smackdown, they throw it in my face. Cody hit Cross Rhodes on the outside to Truth for the win.

After the match, Rock joined Cody in the ring and raised his arm in celebration.

Match 2. Miz and Taker vs. Rhodes and ???
Well, Rhodes is pulling a back-to-back. His partner is BROCK LESNAR! Wow! This match was 54 seconds long. Cody reversed Miz into an arm drag then hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Match 3. Nash vs. Gabriel
Two men I don't want in the top 4. It's a lose-lose situation. I'm going to control Nash since I want Gabriel to fall more than Nash. Easy as pie. A few strong grapples then the Jackknife to win.

Main Event. Show vs. Eddie

Before the match, Rey was shown in the front row. Show will face Taker at the PPV. I wonder if anyone will interfere in that match. Eddie hit the Three Amigos and the brainbuster to pin the champ.

Orton and Regal appeared at the top of the ramp after the match.

Recap: Wow! Was Rhodes all over Smackdown or what? That was a little ridiculous. I still may have to cut down the rosters. 25 Superstars seems to be too much. Well, my "surprise" PPV is next. Hopefully it's a good card.

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