Friday, February 24, 2012

June Week 3

I broke up Cody and Eddie. Rhodes wasn't helping Eddie during his feud with Orton/Regal...or maybe he was going to. Oh well. What's done is done.

Match 1. R-Truth vs. Swagger w/ Punk
Punk at ringside could be interesting. R-Truth saw him on the apron and punched him. Swagger took this opportunity to gain control of the match. Truth couldn't leave Punk alone as he went after him on the outside. Punk took care of him and rolled him back into the ring where Swagger hit his finisher.

Match 2. Austin vs. Mason Ryan
Looks like Ryan moved on from HBK to take on Austin. Not a bad two weeks, unless he loses here too. I'm just waiting for Mason vs. Batista. I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. HBK interfered in the match and was attempting to hit Ryan. Mason hit his finisher without any interruption from Michaels.

Match 3. Foley vs. Kane
Ok, Mick. I gave you a 1-week bye. This is 2 in a row, I'm watching you. Kane knocked out the ref before the match started but he's up when the cut scene was over. Why bother then? I digress. Kane was in control for all of the match, capping it with a Tombstone.

Main Event. Iron Man - Cena vs. Batista
The last Iron Man between these two ended in a tie. Looks like this is the rematch I predicted. For the second time, no one scored during the first 5 minutes. Halfway through and the score is 0-0. Both men hit their finishers, but I guess they didn't feel like pinning at the time. Cena got the first point after an AA with 4:58 left and then a second point 20 seconds later. The first half was back and forth, but the second half was all Cena. Batista finally scored with 1:30 left. This could be interesting. Batista was on a roll until Cena caught him with a belly-to-belly and sealed the deal with a third fall with 17 seconds left.

After the match, Rey and Bryan were at the top of the ramp...and they raised Cena's arms.

This card is pretty bad. I'm going to make some adjustments.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Bryan w/ Regal
First Regal and Orton, now adding Bryan? I like the possible idea of that faction. But Regal and Orton are faces... Regal was doing his best to distract Lesnar, but in the end Bryan was a victim of the F5.

Match 2. Rock and Booker T vs. Gabriel and Slater
I know Booker and Rocky are a random team, but in order to move the other two down, I gotta use Superstars that are ranked low. I will also be controlling Slater to ensure they lose. Booker put Slater in a full nelson and he tapped.

Match 3. Miz vs. Harris
Here's another guy I don't want even close to the World Title. I'm controlling Harris to make sure he loses. Miz took his time, but finally hit the Mic Check to win.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Show vs. Taker
Looks like they're not waiting until the PPV. These two big men went back and forth trying to hit their finishers. I just like how they're both faces. Big Show was on offense for most of the match, but Taker came back and hit a DDT and pinned Show.

Recap: Wow, did Edge cool off or what? Now it's all Otunga and Show. There was nothing for Raw in the "news" section. I'm doing my best to take Gabriel and Harris out of the top 4 on Smackdown.

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