Wednesday, February 29, 2012

August Week 2

I downloaded a few CAWs from the Community Creations. I may have them appear without any warnings, so keep an eye out.

Match 1. Clay vs. Punk
Brodust betrayed Batista and is now taking on Punk himself. Punk was making his way to the ring when Clay came out from under it and attacked him. The match stayed on the outside. After a kick to the cut, Clay hit his finisher to win.

After the match, Clay grabbed a chair and was going to hurt Punk. However, Batista's music hit and him and Clay went at it.

Match 2. Riley vs. Ziggler
Dolph made his first appearance on Raw since Judgment Day. Before the match, Gabriel sat down at the announcer's table. Ziggler won after hitting a German suplex and making Riley tap.

After the match, Gabriel entered the ring and threw Riley out of it.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Batista
We saw Batista earlier, saving Punk from Clay. When I saw this match booked, I thought Batista moved on from Punk, but after what happened earlier, I guess not. HBK reversed the Batista Bomb and connected with some Sweet Chin Music.

Main Event. Table - Cena vs. Foley
A table was brought into the match and set up in a turnbuckle. HHH interfered and hit the Pedigree on Foley. Cena landed the AA on Foley as well. After a 5-Knuckle Shuffle, Cena threw Foley into the table. Cena then charged at him and he went through to win.


Match 1. Bryan vs. Harris
Bryan won this match last week, but Husky wants some more. Husky put on brass knuckles and knocked out Daniel. Harris wanted people to forget about last week as he was in control for most of the match. But like the champion he is, Bryan put him in the Lebell Lock.

After the match, Lesnar and Cody were at the top of the ramp. Bryan high fived them and celebrated.

Match 2. Show and Ryan vs. Sheamus and Kidd
Although Ryan is partners with Kane and Show with Nash, all four men could be a huge team crossing both brands. Rarely does Universe make sensible teams, but it's ok because the teams are different and keeps it fresh. After many tags, Show hit the Showstopper on Kidd.

Match 3. Miz vs. DiBiase
This is the rubber match between these two. It was a good match. Miz took control towards the end, reversing a lot of moves. Miz won with the Mic Check. I wouldn't mind seeing these two again.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison
A rematch from JoMo's first match on Smackdown. Just like the first meeting, Taker hit the Tombstone to win. I'm very happy it won't be Show vs. Taker at Summerslam.

Recap: Because of the save, Batista is a good guy. Bryan, Rhodes, and Lesnar? Not a bad team if it happens. No other news on Smackdown.

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