Tuesday, February 21, 2012

January Week 4

Match 1. Kane vs. Eddie and Cody
Kane and Cody started off the match. Rhodes was in control early landed a DDT and a dropkick. Kane threw Cody into the corner and hit a couple of shoulder blocks, but the match went back and forth for a few. Eddie was tagged in and went back and forth with Kane. Eddie hit the Three Amigos. Rhodes was back in and received a beatdown from Kane. Eddie came back in and pinned Kane.

Match 2. Stone Cold vs. HHH, Otunga, and Harris
Before the match, Otunga and HHH argued on who should start...HHH won. Neither man could get the upper hand on their opponent. After a missed clothesline by The Game, Austin went on the attack but HHH came back. Otunga was tagged in. After some back and forth, Harris now enters. Austin hit the stunner on Harris. HHH is back in. He hit a spine buster and two Pedigrees. Austin is dragged to the middle of the ring and pinned.

After the match, Otunga and Harris grabbed chairs and attacked HHH.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Nash
Punk hit a huge German suplex early, but Nash wasn't fazed by it as he focused on Punk's head. Punk came back with a swinging neck breaker and another German suplex. Nash refreshed and hit a gut-wrench power bomb. Cena ran down to the ring and did nothing while Punk hit the Anaconda Vice as Nash tapped out.

Main Event. Cena vs. Foley
It started out as a back and forth match until Cena gained momentum with punches and back suplexes. Foley unleashed his anger by throwing Cena into the post, shoulder first. But Cena was too much for Foley as he landed the AA on him.


Match 1. Miz and Brodus vs. Edge and Batista
I wonder if Edge will show this time. He did. Batista and Miz began the match, but Brodus was quickly tagged in. He hit a huge belly-to-belly on Batista. Dave came back with two clotheslines. He led Clay to the corner and hit some shoulder tackles and a foot to the throat. Batista left the ring and grabbed a chair while Miz was tagged in. Batista tagged in Edge. He hit Miz with some right hands and a heel kick. They continue to go back and forth. A Mic Check out of nowhere gives Miz and Clay the win.

Match 2. Sheamus and Tyson Kidd vs. Bryan and ???
The mystery partner is Big Show. Hmm. Sheamus had the upper hand early but Bryan was able to tag in Show. He threw Sheamus over his head, landing face first, but he recovered quickly. Sheamus showed his strength by landing two huge back suplexes on Show. After receiving a beating, Bryan is back in, but not for long. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick as soon as Show entered.

After the match, Bryan was laying face down as Show called for medical attention

Match 3. Rock vs. Barrett
Barrett used his arsenal of reversals to get the upper hand on Rocky, landing a DDT and a back breaker. Rock returned the favor by hitting a shoulder breaker. Barrett left the ring to grab a chair. Rocky had other plans and attacked him outside the ring. He threw Barrett back into the ring and began his offense with a Samoan drop and won with the Sharpshooter.

Main Event. Lesnar vs. Henry
Both men used their strength to their advantage by hitting strong attacks on their opponent. Belly-to-back suplexes and two-handed chokeslams were part of the attacks. Lesnar worked on Henry's back with two back suplexes. Brock worked up enough offense to hit the F5 on Henry for the win.

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