Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Week 1

Match 1. Kane vs. Rhodes vs. Eddie vs. Rey
Rey and Eddie went at it as did Kane and Rhodes to start the match. Kane tossed Rey over his head. Eddie hit Kane with a German suplex and a spinning DDT. Rhodes was on the receiving end of a heel kick by Rey. Kane grabbed Cody and chokeslammed him for the win.

Match 2.  Otunga and Harris vs. HHH and ???
Stone Cold was HHH's partner. Harris and HHH went back and forth with headlocks and arm drags. Harris used his big body to hurt HHH's chest and back. Austin was finally tagged in; same with Otunga. Austin hit a powerbomb on Otunga, but Harris was able to come back in. The match spilled to the outside, but quickly brought back in. Stone Cold hit the Lou Thesz Press and stunner to score the win.

Match 3. Demolition vs. Miz and Brodus
Miz and Ax got things going.  Clay was quickly tagged in, as was Smash. Demolition got the double team going, keeping Clay in their corner. Clay tagged in Miz and went after Ax. Miz locked in a couple of full nelsons. Smash came in and roughed up Miz. He was able to get away and tag Clay. He and Smash took things to the outside. Ax was tagged in for a double team move and pinned Brodus.

Main Event. Cena vs. R-Truth in a Cage Match
Truth hit 2 swinging neck breakers to start. Cena came back with a shoulder tackle and a back suplex, but Truth did one of his own. Truth made a couple attempts to escape, but Cena got him. Truth hit a suplex and another neck break before escaping.


Match 1. Miz and Clay vs. Edge and Batista
For like the 3rd week in a row...Batista quickly brought Miz to his corner and tagged in Edge. Miz focused on Edge's head and neck with a swinging neck breaker and a full nelson. Batista locked in a rear naked choke, Clay broke out. Batista landed a big back suplex. Miz was going for the Mic Check but it was reversed.  Batista hit the Batista Bomb but Miz kicked out. Edge hit a splash on Miz in the corner then scored the pinfall.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Sheamus w/ Kidd
A cut scene showed Bryan coming out injured. Big Show was his replacement. Show kept Sheamus in the corner with a couple of shoulder blocks. Sheamus quickly recovered and hit a death valley driver and a German suplex. Show went for a chokeslam but Sheamus reversed and hit the Celtic Cross for the win.

After the match, Kidd grabbed a chair and hit Show. Sheamus called for the chair and gave a shot of his own.

Match 3. Rock vs. DiBiase
DiBiase hit 3 right hands to Rock in the corner. Rock went for a suplex, but Ted reversed it. Rock held Ted in the tree of woe and choked him with his foot.  Rhodes ran to the ring and attacked The Rock. The People's Champ hit the spinebuster on Cody, but Ted capitalized. However, Rock hit the Rock Bottom outside the ring for the win.

Main Event. Lesnar vs. McIntyre
Right out of the gate, Lesnar hit a German suplex. He then hit a back breaker and a military press. Lesnar left the ring and picked up a chair. He clocked Drew with it in the head. After another German suplex on the mat, they went back in the ring. Lesnar hit is signature headbutt and overhead belly-to-belly which led to the F5 and the win.

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