Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Week 1

Match 1. Rock vs. Ryder
Bryan interfered early and attacked Rocky. Maybe I did some damaged when I broke them up as a team. After the interference, the match was back and forth between the two. Rock hit the spinebuster and Rock Bottom about a minute later for the win.

After the match, Bryan and Rey appeared at the top of the ramp.

Match 2. Ziggler vs. Orton
This has the potential to be a good match. Ziggler got his offense in, but it was now time for Orton. Evan Bourne ran to the ring. He did more harm that good as Ziggler hit the Zigzag on Orton.

Match 3. Foley vs. Nash
AGAIN?! This is the last time they will face, mark my words. A long, drawn-out back and forth match between two guys I don't want to see in the ring anymore. Foley finally used Mr. Socko to win.

Main Event. Kane vs. Punk vs. Cena
Before the match, Kane attacked Cena from behind. Kane grabbed a sledgehammer before entering the ring. Kane quickly hit the tombstone on Cena to win. Punk did pretty much nothing in the match.


Match 1. Booker vs. Henry
This match could be for the Wolrd Title in the future. Another back and forth match, neither man had full control. Henry landed a big belly-to-belly suplex and then an abdominal stretch. Not much later, he hit the WSS for the win.

Match 2. Regal vs. Eddie
Classic match between two vets. Another possible mid-card feud for the IC title. Regal hit a double ax handle off the top rope and then a German suplex. Eddie hit a sit-out powerbomb but only got a 2-count. He then landed the Three Amigos. He went for the brainbuster, but it was reversed. Regal hit the Power of the Punch and his finisher to win.

Match 3. Smash vs. Miz
I will be controlling Miz to make sure Smash drops in the rankings. It was a little harder than expected as Smash reversed a lot. I was able to hit the Mic Check in a couple of minutes. Hopefully Smash drops out of the top 10.

Main Event. Taker vs. Bryan vs. Show
The champ taking on two of his challengers. So much for the Big Show/Bryan alliance. Daniel hit back suplexes on both Show and Taker. The Deadman seemed to be the only one not hurt. Taker and Show were outside the ring. Bryan joined and hit the Lebell Lock on Taker.

Recap: Bryan turned heel, again. No other news. Just some advice - do not break up a team before they're ready or else one member goes apeshit (i.e Bryan)

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