Tuesday, February 28, 2012

July Week 3

Match 1. Slater vs. Gabriel
Man, these two really want me to rehire them. I guess I'll let this play out. As Slater was making his way to the ring, Gabriel came from under the ring and assaulted him. The match never made it to the ring as Slater hit his finisher.

After the match, Riley came in and raised Slater's arm.

Match 2. Tornado Tag - Bourne and Kofi vs. R-Truth and Del Rio
I made this match because Christian was double booked. He was scheduled to face Stone Cold as well. Plus, this will be a chance to see the other teams in action. This exciting match came to an end when Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Truth.

Match 3. Foley vs. Christian
Raw has at least one random match per card, and here is this week's. Last week, Christian was in a 4-way with the WWE champ, this week it's this. Edge interfered and stood there while Foley hit the double-arm DDT.

Main Event. Punk vs. Batista
A possible title match down the road, but we get a sneak peak on Raw. Before the match, Ax attacked Batista from behind. Punk took advantage of the beating as he hit the GTS on a weak Batista.

After the match, Batista gave Punk a low blow after faking a knee injury.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan Harris
Another remarkable match in this rivalry. Before the match, Harris tossed Bryan out of the curtain. This match is now Rock vs. Harris. I'm going to edit the main event so Husky doesn't pull double duty. Harris won with his finisher.

After the match, Bryan was at the top of the ramp and Harris went after him. Referees and officials had to keep the separated.

Match 2. Nash vs. Kidd
How did this match come to be? There are 2 days before the PPV and they throw this match on the card which is irrelevant to building up the PPV. Unless if these two are going to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Henry was at ringside with a chair, but it didn't matter. Nash won with the Jackknife.

Match 3. Miz vs. DiBiase
A rematch from two weeks ago where DiBiase won. I wouldn't mind seeing Ted in the hunt for either title. Ax interfered in this match and went after Miz. But Miz was able to hit the Mic Check and redeem his lost from two weeks ago.

Main Event. Show vs. Harris and Morrison
Talk about a warm-up match before the PPV. I decided not to take out Harris. I just want to get to Money in the Bank. These two were putting the hurt on Big Show. But because he is Big Show, he came back and landed the Showstopper on Morrison.

After the match, Show held up his title but Mason Ryan laid him out.

Recap: Again with the released stars appearing on the card. If it happens next week, I'll edit the show. What beef does Ax have with the WWE champ? I may have just created a rivalry between Punk and Batista. Nice. Ok Ax, why have you interfered twice this week? I may have to cut you and Smash. How close is Bragging Rights? Maybe that is the reason for all this cross-brand warfare.

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