Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Week 4

As I said before, I'm going to break up some teams (Truth and Del Rio, Rock and Bryan). I will cut the rosters down after Mania and the draft.

Match 1. Foley vs. Nash w/ HHH
Another match between these two. It's getting annoying. Foley went crazy as he attacked Nash and The Game. HHH is doing pretty well as a manger, giving Nash a pep talk and punching Foley. However, it served no good and Foley used Mr. Socko for the win.

Match 2. Punk vs. Cena vs. Austin
Cena was getting double teamed early, but Super Cena was making a comeback. Punk turned his attention to Austin. Each man began attacking the other two, making for a pretty good triple threat match. Austin won by hitting the stunner on Punk.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. Harris
A somewhat random match. The veteran HBK had control for the early part of the match. But Harris wasn't giving up so quickly. The match spilled to the outside where HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music for the win.

Main Event. Royal Rumble Winner's Event - Kane vs. Undertaker
Champ vs. Champ. Brother vs. Brother. These two big men went back and forth, countering each other's moves. Taker landed the chokeslam. He then went for the Last Ride outside the ring, but Kane reversed it. Taker then landed the Tombstone inside the ring to win.


Match 1. Zeke vs. Eddie
Zeke could be a mid-card contender, but I don't see that happening with the loaded roster...or the fact I don't think he's won a match. Eddie is dominating this match. He hit the Three Amigos and then his brainbuster finisher.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Rock vs. Smash
Why is Smash all of a sudden a singles wrestler? Well, I guess since I broke up Rock and Bryan, they automatically hate each other. I'm going to have to take control next week and personally move Smash out of World Title contention. Bryan revered the Rock Bottom and locked him in the Lebell lock.

Match 3. Show vs. McIntyre
A good match between strength and speed. Drew started to gain the upper hand, but Show halted it. Drew went for the Future Shock but Show reversed out of it. He then hit the Showstopper to pick up the win.

After the match, Show held up the old ECW title. Then Mark Henry attacked him and hit him over the head with the belt.

Main Event. Iron Man - Miz vs. ???
Edge is the mystery opponent. This 15-minute iron man match is going to take forever, well 15 minutes but it'll feel like forever. Miz hit the Mic Check and got the first fall, 1-0. Edge hit a spear of the second rope to tie the match, 1-1. Another Mic Check gave Miz a 2-1 lead with 6:40 left. Miz got his third fall at 6:24. Edge cut the deficit in half with another second-rope spear and then tied it up at three apiece 10 seconds later. A third second-rope spear gave Edge the lead for the first time, 3-4. Miz tied it at four with 1:54 left. Edge hit the spear and scored the fifth fall with 15 seconds left and won.  A really entertaining Iron Man Match.

Recap: According to the roster page, Edge is injured.  I guess Iron Man matches don't count...

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