Saturday, February 18, 2012

January Week 2

Match 1. HBK vs. Goldust
Michaels was on offense early and often. Goldust wasn't able to mount much offense. After many atomic drops, Goldust was able to hit the Final Cut for the win.

Match 2. Jack Swagger vs. Stone Cold
The young Swagger put the hurt on Austin's back and head. The two men exchanged sleeper holds, but to no avail. Swagger was knocked outside of the ring, but was resting up before heading back in. Punk interfered to help his partner and hit Austin with the Anaconda Vice. Jack hit his finisher to win.

Match 3. Steamboat vs. Kane
Ricky's quickness allowed him to take control over Kane. But Kane's strength was too much. Ricky was back on offense, but Kane reversed and landed a chokeslam on Ricky.

After the match, Rey, Cody and Eddie appeared on the ramp and clapped for Kane.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Nash
Before the match, Mark Henry attacked Nash from behind. The attack let Punk take the offense early. Nash was able to hit some moves on Punk. He hit the Anaconda Vice and Nash tapped.


Match 1. Miz and Brodus vs. Batista and ???
Batista's partner was EDGE! Batista was thrown to the outside. He focused on Clay and gave him a powerbomb. Miz brought him back into the ring. Miz and Batista were still going at it for a couple of minutes until Edge was finally tagged in. Miz tagged Clay in. Edge and Batista kept fresh by using frequent tags.  Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Edge for the win.

After the match, Miz and Brodus grabbed chairs and assaulted Edge and Batista.

Match 2. Regal vs. Christian
These two went back and forth reversing each other's attacks. Christian had a big combination of moves which led to the Killswitch on Regal.

Match 3. Booker T vs. Daniel Bryan
Booker's strength overpowered Bryan's speed early in the match. Booker was on offense for most of the fight when out of nowhere Bryan locked in the Labell Lock.

Main Event. Zeke vs. McIntyre
Zeke used his strength to hit Drew with some big suplexes. Drew, however, used his technical skills to take control of Zeke. Big Zeke went for his finisher but Drew reversed and hit the Future Shock.

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