Tuesday, February 28, 2012

August Week 1

Decent card from Raw

Match 1. Punk vs. Batista
Remarkable match. This will probably lead into Summerslam. Clay ran in and attacked both men. Punk won my having Batista tap from the Anaconda Vice.

After the match, Clay headed back to the ring and attacked Batista. Punk ran in and tossed out Clay.

Match 2. Gabriel vs. Riley
After the stunt Alex pulled last week, Justin's looking for revenge. Riley was waiting for Gabriel, but he attacked Alex from behind. Justin then hit his finisher.

After the match, Justin grabbed a chair, but Ziggler ripped it away from him. He then turned and hit Riley right over his head.

Match 3. HBK vs. Mysterio
Holy shit, a Rey Mysterio sighting! He hasn't been in a match since March. But I guess coming back against the Heartbreak Kid is one way to get back on Universe's good side. HBK clocked Rey with Sweet Chin Music. I guess Rey won't be on Raw for another 5 months.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Cena
The top two Superstars of their era go at it right now. Cena hit the 5-knuckle shuffle then the AA on Austin. Cena is also trying to make his way back to the top.


Match 1. Bryan vs. Harris
A remarkable match continuing from last week's debacle. I had the opportunity to have Riley cash in against Bryan, but I decided to hold off for now. Bryan won with the Lebell Lock. Just one more notch to Bryan's resume.

Match 2. Show Ryan vs. Sheamus w/ Kidd
I'm very fond of this right now. Show came out holding is arm. Ryan is his replacement. Ryan won with his finisher after a back and forth match. It looks like Ryan as been included in this feud.

After the match, Ryan was checking on Sheamus, but he was playing possum and low blowed him.

Match 3. Miz and Clay vs. Kane and Mason
I guess Ryan is recovered because he's in this match, too. The ref was accidently knocked out for a brief moment. The tag champs were given a run for their money, but Miz won with the Mic Check.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge vs. Morrison  #1 Contender's match
This triple threat is featuring two stars new to Smackdown. I'm hoping Taker doesn't win because I don't think I can take Show vs. Taker again. Each man is doing there best to have this match continue. Edge was setting up for the spear, but Taker completely laid him out with the chair. Edge wins with the spear on Morrison.

Recap: This is why I need to cut down the rosters. Rey hasn't been on the card in about 5 months, despite being the number 3 contender to the US Title. Clay turned heel.

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