Saturday, February 18, 2012

January Week 1

Match 1. Stone Cold vs. Rey Mysterio
A good back and forth match.  Swagger interfered and hit the gut-wrench powerbomb on Rey.  Austin hit the stunner for the win.

Match 2. Cean vs. R-Truth
Cena was in control for most of the match. Del Rio interferes and locked the armbar on Cena. Truth mounted a comeback and hit his finisher for the win.

Match 3. HBK vs. Nash
Michaels was dominate for the majority of the match. They went to the outside where Nash hit HBK with the Jackknife on the steel steps for the win.

Main Event. #1 Contender's Match CM Punk vs. Foley
Cena "bought" a ticket to watch this match up close. This was another good back and forth match. Punk grabbed a chair and hit Foley a couple of times. Foley reversed the GTS and pulls out Mr. Socko for the victory.

Match 1. Edge vs. Miz and Batista
Edge and Miz went back and forth to start the match. Miz tagged in Batista and he began taking control. Miz then turned on Batista out of nowhere. Batista scored the pinfall.

After the match Brodus Clay and Miz attacked Batista.

Match 2. Eddie vs. McIntyre
These two started the match off in a fast pace. Neither man was able to gain complete control. Eddie hit the Three Amigos. McIntyre hit the Future Shock out of nowhere for the win.

Match 3. Ezekiel vs. Christian
Christian had the early advantage. The match spilled to the outside real quick. Big Show ran down to the ring and attacked Christian. Show knocked Christian with his right fist. Zeke locked in the torture rack for the win.

Main Event. #1 Contender's Match Undertaker vs. Big Show
Before the match began, Henry attacked Show from behind. Taker grabbed a chair right away. He had control early. After complete dominance, Taker hit the Tombstone for the win.

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