Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Week 3

The main event for Raw was Nash vs. Foley, so I obviously edited that.

Match 1. Bryan and Rey vs. Rock and ???
Bryan is doing double duty every week appearing on Raw and Smackdown. Rock's partner was Zack Ryder, the same man he fought in 2 straight weeks. Oh, how strange WWE Universe is. Rock tagged in Zack who hit Zack Attack and ended the match.

After the match, Rock and Ryder shook hands. Looks like they're a team now.

Match 2. Cena vs. Punk
Another match between the top 2 contenders for Kane's belt. Cena proved why he's the number one contender as he gave a beating to Punk. He hit the 5-knuckle shuffle and ended it with the AA.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Austin
I don't know where these guys are in WWE Title rankings, but HBK is the top contender for the US title which is interesting. The match ended with a stunner from Austin.

Main Event. Orton vs. HHH
I haven't seen these two in a couple of weeks, so why not put them in a match. Maybe it'll lead into WrestleMania. Orton set up with the kicks all over the body and ended it with the RKO.


Match 1. Taker vs. Miz w/ Edge
A few weeks ago, Miz and Edge faced each other in an iron man match. Now they're helping each other out. Looks like Miz forgot about his alliance with Clay. With some help from Edge, Miz pinned the champion again.

Match 2. Regal vs. Kidd
This match featured two Superstars on the rise for the IC title. Kidd was the original contender to face Bryan, but a restart allowed Sheamus to win it. Regal looks to push Kidd down even more. Regal hit the Power of the Punch and the back German suplex to win.

Match 3. Smash vs. Henry
I'm going to control Henry to keep pushing Smash down in the rankings. This was a lot easier than when I was Miz. Then again, I used a sledgehammer this time. Ax tried to interfere, but I hit the World's Strongest Slam before he could do any damage.

Main Event. Show vs. Eddie
Oh, how I wish Eddie was still around. He would have awesome matches with the talent in WWE today. If this match is any indication, Big Show would still dominate Eddie. Despite that, Eddie hit the brainbuster to win.

Recap: Feels good not seeing Foley or Nash on the Raw card. Bryan is all over the place recently. Oh, Universe doesn't care about rivalries as Rock and Ryder are now a team. My controlling of Smash's opponents is working since he is now ranked 11 on Smackdown.

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