Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Week 4

The final week before WrestleMania. As I look at the card for Raw, I see Foley and Nash again. Although they aren't facing each other, I will be editing them out again.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Ryan
Yeaaaah, huh? Steamboat hasn't been seen in weeks, so Universe decides to book him 6 days before 'Mania? Riiiight. With this loss and terrible booking, Steamboat could be on the future endeavored list.

Match 2. Punk vs. Ziggler
I chose Ziggler instead of Nash because I want some young blood at the top of the rankings. Nash has been overexposed the past couple of weeks. Ziggler had control for the whole match. He won with the Zigzag.

Match 3. Riley w/ HBK vs. Del Rio w/ HHH
I booked this match because I wanted to get the young guys on the card. I used DX as managers to make things interest and in hopes to rekindle their feud. While the match was going on, HHH and Michaels were fighting on the outside. Riley hit his finisher to win.

Match 4. Kane vs. Cena
Champ vs. Challenger 6 days before 'Mania. This should be a good match. Before the match, Kane came out and replaced himself with Mason Ryan. Good thinkin', champ. Doing double duty seemed to affect Ryan as he grew tired. Cena won with the AA.


Match 1. Taker vs. Miz
Can Miz make it 3 in a row over Taker?  Before things really got going, Edge ran in and took out both men. Smackdown is definitely the better of the two shows. They have their contenders going for the right titles and the storylines are interesting. Deadman hit his Last Ride and Tombstone combo to win.

After the match, Edge came back to the ring and attacked Miz. Taker made the save and took out Edge.

Match 2. Regal vs. Eddie
A rematch from 3 weeks ago. Eddie won the last bout. It looked like Regal wasn't going to let that happen again. But Eddie took control and scored the pinfall.

Match 3. Show vs. Henry
A big man match here. With Henry on the rise and Show in the top 4, this match can have major implications. Henry is proving why he should be in World Title contention. Justin Gabriel walked down to the ring with a chair. Show clocked Henry with the powerful right hand to win.

Match 4. Rock vs. Edge
We saw Edge earlier take out Miz and Taker in their match. Edge wants the title he lost at Elimination Chamber back. Edge appeared to have ring rust as Rocky was putting boots to asses. Edge was back on top of his game as he picked up a chair and laid Rocky out. He then hit the spear for the win.

After the match, Kane knocked Edge out with his title.

Recap: Steamboat could be released after 'Mania. Since making his return, Edge has been a force to reckon with on Smackdown.

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