Thursday, February 23, 2012

April Week 2

I brought Smash back to Smackdown in exchange for Christian, who I then turned face. He wasn't doing anything on the blue brand. R-Truth is now also a face.

Match 1. Swagger vs. Kingston
This is what I like. Raw starting with singles competition from two young guys. A back and forth match that ended with the gut wrench powerbomb from Swagger.

Match 2. Michaels vs. R-Truth
I'm guessing this was booked before R-Truth turned face. Looking at the rosters, Raw definitely has more star power, but Smackdown is more stable and consistent with their contenders and rivalries. After a sharpshooter, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.

Match 3. Batista vs. Clay
Before the match, Clay attacked Batista at the top of the ramp. The match never made it to the ring and Clay hit his finisher outside the ring.

After the match, Batista destroyed the announce table, pulling a Bret Hart.

Main Event. Kane vs. Cena
Man, this feud is dragging on longer than the real one. Cena seemed determine to get his title back. He didn't let Kane catch his breath. Cena then grabbed a chair and hit Kane with it. He threw Kane back in the ring and hit the AA.

Orton and Bourne hit the ring and helped Cena take out Kane. Edge and Ryan evened the odds and helped Kane.

I know right away that if Ax and Smash are in any match, I will control their opponents. They are 5 and 6, respectively, on the World Title rankings.

Match 1. Otunga and McGillicutty vs. Show and ???
Show's partner is Husky Harris. Either Show is turning heel or Harris will be a face. Show picked up a chair, but Otunga knocked it away. Show dominated the whole match and pinned Otunga after a Showstopper.

Match 2. Rock vs. Gabriel
Here's Justin's big shot. He's surprisingly holding up his own. Gabriel was using his deadly kicks to beat down Rocky. Barrett headed down to the ring with a chair in hand. Gabriel hit his finisher to knock out Rocky and win. This was a huge upset.

Match 3. Bryan vs. DiBiase
Bryan was on top of his game. He easily put Ted in the Lebell Lock to win. Like I said last week, Bryan will be World Champion either next PPV or the one after.

Main Event. Taker vs. Regal
Ok, now Regal is appearing on Smackdown too much. But at least it's not Ax or Smash. The experience of Taker allowed him to counter most of Regal's attacks. For the first time this year, Taker hit Old School. He then won with the Tombstone.

Edge ran down to the ring with a lead pipe and attacked Taker.

Recap: I like the idea of a 6-man tag on Raw. It gets more people involved on the show. Edge is all over the place since returning from injury. He's involved with Kane and Cena on Raw and then feuding with Taker on Smackdown.

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