Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well, I called that Nash and Kidd would be in the ladder match.

Match 1. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Title
Bryan has not lost the title since I began Universe. He defeated Slater and Sheamus twice already. He is giving the IC Title some prestige right now. Even with Sheamus on the offensive, Bryan was able to put him in the Lebell Lock to retain once again.

Match 2. Demolition vs. Miz and Clay  Tag Team Titles
I'm hoping for Miz and Clay to win so I have some reason to cut Demolition. A pretty evenly matched tag match. Clay hit his finisher on Ax to become new tag champs with Miz. THANK GOD!

Match 3. Battle Royal - Punk vs. Foley vs. Kane vs. Austin
A filler match that features 4 of Raw's top contenders. Kane was eliminated by Foley. Austin and Foley teamed up to take out Punk. Stone Cold won after hitting a couple of Stunners on Foley. I wonder if Stone Cold can carry this momentum to the ladder match

Match 4. Show vs. Taker  World Heavyweight Title
These two have faced at three previous PPVs with Big Show winning them all. Even though they've faced each other in 3 consecutive pay-per-views, they were all entertaining. Big Show retained and sent a message by knocking Taker out with that right hand.

Match 5. Batista vs. Cena  WWE Title
Ever since coming to Raw, Batista has been on a tear. Cena looked determined to get back his WWE championship. He was going for frequent pinfalls, but only getting a 1 count. He finally finished it by hitting the AA to win the belt.

After the match, Bryan entered the ring and threw Batista out of the ring. He then shook hands with Cena.

Main Event. Money in the Bank ladder match - Austin vs. HBK vs. Kidd vs. Nash vs. Riley vs. DiBiase
Stone Cold is pulling double duty on this pay-per-view. I like how this match features some vets along with some rising stars; a good mix of talent. This match may be the longest match to watch the AI compete in. I'm pulling for DiBiase or Stone Cold. If Riley or Kidd win, I could have them cash it in on a mid-card title. Riley won the match.

Recap: Now that Demolition lost, I have more of a reason to release them. Two new champions crown, I'd say it was a pretty successful PPV. Good ladder match that didn't take too long. I'm tossed up on what title Riley should challenge.

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