Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Week 2

I'm going to take a more analytical approach to this instead of a play-by-play.  I will also be introducing a recap which will go over the "news" for the week.  I may start to include the times of the matches, we'll see.

Match 1. HHH vs. Otunga and Harris
Otunga threw HHH into his corner and clotheslined him off the top rope. He then tagged in Husky. HHH went on the offensive right away with a few right hands. Harris hit a superplex off the top and then a swinging DDT. Otunga was tagged in, but HHH wasn't finished with Harris as he knocked him off the apron. Harris came back in and reversed the Pedigree and hit his own finisher for the win.

Match 2. Foley vs. Austin
The Foley in WWE Universe is a lot more aggressive than the one in real life. He gave Austin a back suplex and an atomic drop. Austin gained some momentum as he put Foley in a sleeper hold. Mick reversed Austin's attempt at a powerbomb and hit the double-arm DDT for the win.

Match 3. Del Rio vs. HBK
An interesting match between similar Superstars. They went back and forth for the most part. Del Rio seemed to be picking up some momentum. He landed a back suplex and a huge clothesline. HBK hit a delayed piledriver and then a back suplex of his own. R-Truth appeared on the ramp with a chair in hand. HBK hit Del Rio with the Sweet Chin Music and pinned him out of the ring.

Main Event. Cena vs. Punk vs. Kane
A triple threat match between the champ and his two contenders. A cut scene showed Cena running to the ring and attacking Punk. The match begins with Punk laying on the canvas, but he got right back up. All three men got their fair share of offense, but Cena won with the AA on Punk.

After the match Kane tricked Cena and low blowed him, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.


Match 1. Big Show vs. Sheamus
Kidd was shown in the front row for this match. This is an interesting feud which includes these three and Bryan. Show was the first one off of his feet. Both men used powerful attacks on each other. Big Show won with the Showstopper.

After the match Bryan and Show celebrated in the ring. (Completely opposite of real world WWE)

Match 2. Rock vs. Christian
Two veterans going at it. The match was outside the ring in 30 seconds. Rock treated Christian like a jabroni, getting no offense in. Edge interferes and...just stands there while Christian receives a Rock Bottom outside the ring.

Match 3. Lesnar vs. Bryan
We saw Bryan earlier, I wonder if Show will appear in this match. Lesnar wouldn't let Bryan catch his breath with his frequent suplexes. Both men used a chair on each other. Miz, not Show, interfered and stood there. Ted hopped over the barricade with a chair.  It wasn't necessary as Bryan applied the Labell lock for the win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge vs. Miz
Same concept as Raw's main event; the champ and 2 contenders. A typical triple threat with everyone getting in their offense, except for Miz - he really didn't do much. Miz received a damn beating from the other two. Taker tried going for his finisher twice but Miz broke it up.  Taker tried a third time and hit the tombstone on Edge.

After the match, Edge was carted away in a stretcher.

Recap: Harris joined Otunga and McGillicutty. Cena turned heel with his pre-match attack on Punk. Bryan turned face. Edge, Smackdown's champion, is injured...

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