Thursday, February 23, 2012

April Week 3

Match 1. Batista vs. Clay
This is a Remarkable Match, so a storyline is brewing. Edge bought a ticket and was in the front row. Batista and Clay went back and forth, inside and outside the ring. Batista refused to lose and hit the Batista Bomb to win.

After the match, Edge came in and laid both men out.

Match 2. Truth vs. Del Rio
Here where face Truth debuts. Former teammates face off in the squared circle. R-Truth proved why he should be the US champ. He defeated Del Rio, the former Royal Rumble winner, with his finisher.

Match 3. Demolition vs. LOD
A non-title match, but I still face the risk of having Demolition move up in the rankings...Standard tag match with tons of back and forth and frequent tags. Hawk won with the neckbreaker on Smash.

Main Event. Punk vs. Cena
Cena was making his way to the ring when Kane ambushed him and rolled him into the ring. Cena was still in his red t-shirt during the match. Punk won with the GTS.


Match 1. Regal vs. Henry
More Regal! Henry gave Regal a royal beating. After a military press, he made Regal tap from a bear hug.

Match 2. Barrett vs. Booker
I haven't seen these two in a while. This should be a good match. Ok, maybe Raw isn't that much better than Smackdown. Nah, who am I kidding. Raw has at least 10 top guys, maybe more. Barrett his Wasteland on Booker to win.

Match 3. Show vs. Nash
And more Nash!! Lesnar hasn't had a match in a while, but we get another week with Nash. I may have to edit next week's card if I see Nash again. Henry ran to the ring and attacked Nash. Maybe that will get him off my screen. Show hit the Showstopper to win.

After the match, Nash faked a knee injury and low blowed Show.

Main Event. Miz vs. Bryan
With Miz now a face, this could be a pretty good feud for Smackdown as they battle to be #1 contender against Taker. Despite losing the IC title, Bryan's been on a roll. That was stopped as Miz hit the Mic Check to win.

Recap: Man, Edge is piling up his enemies. I wish someone else could replace him in one of these cut scenes. Kane and Cena is boring me a little bit. Nash needs to get injured or something.

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