Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Match 1. Hell in a Cell-Foley vs. Mysterio for US Championship
Foley, feeling comfortable in this environment, took control early but Rey bounced back. Foley was focusing on the head and neck area of Rey. Mick landed a huge piledriver on Rey. He went to use Mr. Socko but it was reversed. Rey then hit a big super back suplex off the top rope. Rey hit the 619 on Foley. The crowd began to chant "Rey sucks!" Foley hit a back suplex and pinned Rey to retain the title.

Match 2. Daniel Bryan vs. McIntyre for the IC Championship
Bryan went on offense first, holding Drew in the corner. Bryan went to the outside and grabbed a chair.  He started hitting Drew with it, but McIntyre began a comeback. Drew hit Bryan with a gut buster, but Bryan hit his kick combination. He then got Drew in the Labell Lock to retain his belt.

Match 3. Last Man Standing-Goldust vs. Stone Cold
Austin took control first with a back suplex and an armbar. Goldust took his turn on offense by hitting a gut buster and a jawbreaker. They went back and forth, throwing right hands at each other. Austin then locked on a couple of sleeper holds. Stole Cold was in complete control, putting the hurt on Goldust's back. Austin went for the stunner but Goldust reversed. The Bizarre One hit the Final Cut but Austin got right back up. After an atomic drop, Goldust was out for the 10-count to give Austin the victory.

Match 4. Falls Count Anywhere-Punk vs. Nash
These two went back and forth right out of the gate. Nash hit a chokeslam early and took control. Punk tried coming back, but Nash reversed his attempts. Nash went to the outside and picked up a sledgehammer. Nash hit him with the sledgehammer in the chest. After a big boot, he hit the Jackknife powerbomb, but Punk kicked out. Punk mounted some offense and kicked Nash in his head. He hit the GTS but Nash kicked out at 2. Punk picked up a chair and went to work. The match spilled to the outside where Punk got the 3-count.

Match 5. Steel Cage-Cena vs. Kane for the WWE Championship
Kane started off with a couple of body slams but Cena landed a couple of right hands. The two exchanged attacks until Kane hit a huge suplex and began to escape. Cena pulled him back and threw him into the steel post. Cena hit a clothesline then the 5-knuckle shuffle. He sized Kane up for the AA and quickly began leaving the cage. As soon as Kane got up, Cena was over the top and won the match.

Main Event. 30-man Royal Rumble
15 Raw and 15 Smackdown Superstars. Ryder and Bourne starting it off. Evan quickly tried to eliminate Zack.  He was successful as he pushed him off the apron. Kofi Kingston was #3. Kofi eliminated Bourne right away. Ziggler was #4. He attempted to take out Kofi as soon as he entered and he succeeded. Rhodes entered at #5. Rhodes took the offensive as he dropkicked Ziggler in the corner. Christian was #6. Ziggler was eliminated by Rhodes as Christian took his time entering the ring. The two men went back and forth in the middle of the ring. Brock Lesnar entered at #7. Christian tossed Rhodes over the top. Lesnar hit a suplex on Christian before eliminating him. Booker T is number 8. Booker eliminated Lesnar right away as he tossed him over the top. Big Show was #9. Booker hit a couple of right hands on Show and almost dropkicked Show out of the match. Husky Harris was #10. Booker hit a sidewalk slam on Show. All three men began to attack each other.

Brodus Clay entered at #11. Show and Harris double teamed Booker but could not eliminate him. Show focused on Clay in the corner and tossed him out. Shawn Michaels came out at #12. Harris was tossed out by Show and Booker. Jack Swagger was #13. HBK tossed Booker out in the corner and Swagger did the same to Show. Triple H came out at #14. Michaels dropkicked Swagger out of the match.  HBK and HHH were the two left for now. R-Truth was #15. HHH almost kicked HBK out, but to no avail. Randy Orton entered at #16. Orton and The Game both saved themselves from elimination. Mason Ryan was #17. HHH eliminated R-Truth. Orton went after Ryan. Wade Barrett came out at #18. Ryan was eliminated by Orton.  HHH hit the Pedigree on HBK. Macho Man made is way out at #19. HHH and HBK still went at it while Barrett left Orton laying on the canvas. Batista was #20.

The ring was now full with 6 Superstars. Barrett took HBK out of the match and then focused on The Game. Savage flipped Batista over the corner to the floor. Ted DiBiase entered at #21. HHH was eliminated by Barrett.  DiBiase took out Orton while Barrett eliminated Savage. Sheamus was #22. Barrett flipped DiBiase out to apron, but couldn't eliminate him. Sheamus and DiBiase both went after Barrett. The Rock entered at #23 and went after Barrett right away. The Miz was #24. He helped Rocky take on Wade. Mark Henry was #25. Rock almost took out Wade.  Rocky and Miz took out Barrett. Sheamus and Henry went at it against the ropes while Rock and Miz fought in the middle of the ring. Ted hit Dream Street on Henry. Edge entered at #26. Sheamus hit the Celtic Cross on Miz and eliminated him. Rock eliminated DiBiase and Edge took out Henry. Eddie Guerrero was #27 and quickly eliminated by The Rock. David Otunga was #28. Rock hit the Rock Bottom on Otunga. Alex Riley was #29. Sheamus eliminated Edge. The number 30 entrant was Alberto Del Rio. Rock flipped Otunga over the corner to the floor. The final four were Rock, Riley, Sheamus and Del Rio. Sheamus hit the Celtic Cross on Riley. Del Rio eliminated Sheamus. Riley and Del Rio were double teamming Rocky. Riley eliminated The Rock.  The final two were Del Rio and Riley. Del Rio kicked Riley off the apron to win the Royal Rumble!

The Rock had the most eliminations with 4. Barrett was in second with 3.

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