Tuesday, February 28, 2012

July Week 4

I released Demolition and moved Edge to Smackdown. He wasn't doing anything on Raw. Because of this move, Edge is now ranked number 3.

Match 1. Punk vs. Batista w/ Clay
The former champ begins his climb back to the top against Punk. The match spilled to the outside for a little bit. Brodus was a non-factor during the match. Batista is one step closer as he hit the Batista Bomb on Punk.

Match 2. Riley Slater vs. Gabriel
An extreme rules remarkable match. This could be interesting. Riley was heading to the ring, but he introduced Slater as his replacement -_- . I cannot get rid of these two. These guys brought out a table, ladder, and a kendo stick. Slater won by pinfall.

After the match Slater went to shake Gabriel's hand but he low blowed him instead.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Kane
I like this match-up. I've said this before, Raw if filled with guys who could be the champ. A back and forth match that ended with Austin hitting the Stone Cold Stunner.

Main Event. Foley vs. Del Rio
It has been a while since we've seen Alberto in singles action; week 4 of May to be exact. Del Rio held his own against the Hardcore Legend. However, Foley landed a combination of moves which led to the double arm DDT.


Match 1. Bryan and Harris vs. Lesnar and Cody
A remarkable match. I recall last week Harris taking Bryan out and replacing him against Rocky. Ah, here it is. Bryan came down to the ring alone. Harris ran down to the ring and attacked Bryan. After the cutscene ended, Harris was attacking Lesnar and all seemed right in the world. Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Husky to win.

Match 2. Show vs. Mason
Show was making his way to the ring when Sheamus was at ringside. He knocked out Show. After the attack, it was all Big Show. He hit the Showstopper to win.

Sheamus and Tyson Kidd ambushed Show as he was celebrating.

Match 3. Nash vs. Morrison
JoMo is wasting no time on Smackdown with the mid-card. He's going after the top dogs on the blue brand. Nash brought Morrison down a peg as he landed the Jackknife after a brutal match.

Main Event. Miz vs. Edge
Welcome back to Smackdown, Edge. A great main event for Smackdown. Miz hit the Mic Check after he moved out of the way of the top-rope spear. These two have a familiarity with each other, competing in iron man matches.

Recap: Wow, the Universe really hates when I break up a team. Rock/Bryan, Eddie/Cody, now Slater/Gabriel. These cutscenes and the events after make no sense. Harris attacks Bryan but now they're working as a team? I like the involvement of Kidd with Sheamus. It gives me a reason not to cut him. Lesnar and Cody are a team...

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