Monday, February 27, 2012

July Week 1

I did some moves to reduce the rosters. I cut Gabriel and Slater from Smackdown. I also cut Otunga and McGillicutty from Raw. I added John Morrison to the Smackdown roster. So Raw now has 22 while Smackdown has 21 Superstars. Slowly but surely I'll get it down to 20.

Match 1. HHH vs. Eddie
A remarkable match featuring a Smackdown star. What is Eddie's beef with The Game? Before the match began, Ryan and McGillicutty walked down the ramp. HHH turned around and hit a crossbody on them. Despite being cut from the roster, McGillicutty is still involved in the storyline. That's something I don't like. About 30 seconds later, HHH hit the spinebuster and Pedigree to win.

After the match, Ryan and Michael double teamed HHH.

Match 2. Batista vs. Christian and Wade
Just after Christian calls out Taker, he's challenging Batista. Man, Edge and Christian are very similar. Batista was doing his very best holding his own in this handicap match. After a double team move, Barrett hit Wasteland to win.

Match 3. HBK vs. Cena vs. Edge vs. Savage
Just a little fatal four way match to get some Superstars involved. The originally scheduled match was Slater vs. Riley. Yeah, that wasn't happening. For the longest time, Cena and Edge are going at it the same time as HBK and Savage. Cena won with the AA on Savage.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Kane
A rematch from last week where Kane won, despite interference from Rey. This match was more fast paced than last week. Mason came down to the ring with a chair. Kane won by hitting the Tombstone.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan
A remarkable match continuing from the beating Bryan game after their match last week. Before the match, Harris punched Rock at ringside. This match was probably better than what Cena vs. Rock will be at WrestleMania 28. Bryan won again with the Lebell Lock.

After the match, Husky entered the ring and attacked Rock. Bryan came back in and took out Harris. Rock and Bryan just stared at each other.

Match 2. Miz vs. DiBiase
Good booking featuring two rising stars. It was back and forth throughout the whole thing. DiBiase won by making Miz tap out.

Match 3. Taker vs. Morrison
JoMo's first match is against Undertaker. Damn that's rough. Well, maybe he can earn is spot as the #3 ranked Superstar. Taker is still on his path to regain the WWE Title. Taker ended the match with a swinging DDT, the Last Ride, and finally the Tombstone.

Main Event. Show vs. Regal
Regal hasn't been in a match in a month, but he's been seen hanging with Orton and Bryan lately. A win over the champ, could boost Regal up in the ranks. After much back and forth, Show pulled out the Showstopper to win and send a message to his challengers.

Recap: I cut McGillicutty, but he's still appearing on Raw. That needs to be fixed. Other than that, nothing for Raw. By saving Rocky, Bryan turned face. The heels are slowly shrinking on Smackdown.

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