Wednesday, February 22, 2012

April Week 1

So, with the rosters at 25 for Raw and 28 for Smackdown, I decided to do a little trimming.

I released Goldust and Steamboat off of Raw. I am moving Macho Man and Batista to Raw. I released Chavo and Zeke off of Smackdown. Each show now has 25 Superstars. If necessary after the draft, I may do another change or two.

I also changed Superstars to Starrcade. Doesn't reallt matter as I'll still be simulating those matches, but it looks cool.

Match 1. Draft Match - HBK vs. Ax
Ax now gets his shot at singles action. Yay. After the draft events, I'm hoping for an even swap after this week. Ax put HBK in a sleeper and he tapped. Smackdown gets a pick.

Match 2. Draft Match - Austin vs. Smash
Why does Universe like to put Demolition in singles action? They are a team for a reason. Anyway, it looks like Smash is going to give the blue brand another pick. He locked in a single-leg Boston crap to make Austin tap. Smackdown gets another pick.

Match 3. Foley vs. Cena
The only non-draft match of the night. I just want Foley off of my card every week. He may be future endeavored, but with the way the draft is shaping up, Raw needs all the help it can get. After some back and forth action, Cena hit the AA to win.

After the match Rey, Ryder, and Cena attacked Foley.

Main Event. Draft Match - Kane vs. Taker
Champ vs. champ again. Let's see if Kane's attack on Taker at the end of 'Mania leads to something. Raw needs a pick badly. After many finisher reversals, Kane hit the chokeslam to give Raw a pick.


Match 1. Edge vs. Taker
Even though Edge is on Raw, he has some unfinished business with The Deadman. As Taker made his way to the ring, Edge came out from under the ring and attacked him. Edge leaves Smackdown in style as he pinned the World Champ.

After the match, Edge picked up a chair and was going to snap Taker's ankle but Miz interrupts and took out Edge.

Match 2. Draft Match - Ryan vs. Eddie
The only draft match on Smackdown? I got to make sure Raw wins this. I'm controlling Ryan here so this shouldn't take long. Eddie got no offense in as I dominated him. Raw gets a second pick to even the rosters.

Match 3. Rock vs. Nash
Newly acquired Big Sexy taking on The Rock. This is something new for Nash and I like it.Gabriel is trying to make a name for himself by attacking Rocky. But that's no match for the People's Champ as he plants Nash with a Rock Bottom. Welcome to Smackdown, The Rock's show.

Main Event. Show vs. Bryan
The chase for the World Title continues. I can see this being a triple threat match for the belt at Extreme Rulez. Out of nowhere, Show hit the spear and Showstopper to win.

After the match, Otunga and McGillicutty appeared at the top of the ramp.

Draft Moves:
Raw receives- Edge, Smash
Smackdown receives - Husky Harris, Kevin Nash,

Recap: I like Nash on Smackdown as he won't be facing Foley any more. Ryder turned heel. I love Edge on Raw, they needed for heels, not really. I may turn him face, not sure yet. Nope, not happening Demolition will be staying on Smackdown together. I'll be making a trade after this week. Miz is now a face, hmm...

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